Liberal Party to supporters: I love ya, tomorrow


An email from Liberal Party president Mike Crawley, in response to smart-ass heckling about the party’s refusal to respond to Conservative attack ads against their leader:

Dear [insert name]

A few weeks ago, Conservatives hit us with an ugly, Republican-style TV attack ad.

When we asked for your help, you didn’t hesitate. As one of the 3,892 donors who gave some $225,433 to that campaign, I want to thank you for your support.

Now, some of you are asking when we will respond. It’s a fair question.

I know that some of you want us to punch back as hard and as quickly as possible. And I know that even more of you want to make sure our response is strong and principled and offers a positive message about what Liberals stand for.

Though $225,433 is a great start, we cannot win a war of attrition against the Conservatives. And a one-off response that burns through your donations in a day or even a week will change nothing.

We owe it to you to be smart, and develop a long-term strategy that gets real results. And ensures every dollar you invested in us has the maximum impact.

You will not see the results of this work next week, or next month but once developed I am confident it will have an impact. I will keep you informed as our work progresses.

In the meantime, I’d like to get your input.

Please take a moment to answer this quick 30-second survey – so we can make sure your opinion is accounted for as we move forward.

Thank you.

Mike Crawley

National President – Liberal Party of Canada

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Liberal Party to supporters: I love ya, tomorrow

  1. White Queen ~ The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today

  2. I’m afraid I won’t be sending money to a party I have supported in the past, but see no future in.

    Merge and you will receive my donation.

    • I’m starting to lean that way myself. I’ve always listened to Coyne’s counsel on this  – up till now; that the two parties are chalk and cheese, Polish vodka and any sort of luke warm mix.
      Last night on at issue it occurred to me his arguement has a truck sized hole it. If the LPC is essentially a coalition of leftie libs like me and economic righties like him[ i know he’s not a member, but he is a fellow traveler] why is it we can coexist inside a party [ but not without] without offing one another but apparently the moment we join hands with a party that is trying to ditch its left wing vestiges, there’s going to be a conflagration? I mean that argument only held water when the ndp wanted to nationalize everything in sight; presumably Mulcair is not on that road.Besides i’m connvinced much of the dislike is learned behaviour and tribalism as much as any serious differences on policy. IOWs it can be unlearned…specially if there’s a chance to grab real power and use it.
      The main and most telling road block remains Quebec rather than economic /fiscal policy these days – and that is a deal breaker. Except if they can hammer out an acceptable compromise…the libs conceed the times have changed and there’s no appetite or need for PET’s hardline and the dippers realize they don’t have to give away the store in order to bring Quebec into the fold.

      Voila! I’m a genius. For my next trick i’ll put an end to racial discrimination and edit Paul’s columns for him. Who’ll vote for me? Don’t all pound me on the back at once please.

  3. That’s odd that you should just post that. I’ve just sorta semi quit the party over similar behaviour ie., not consultative, raising money for one thing [which they deny explictly doing] and then loftily telling the membership they’re developing a strategy, but we can’t know what it is yet…but we’d like you to keep donating.Stay tuned for good news!

    Yeah well i had enough for now. I can’t change the fact i’m a lib but i don’t like to be taken for granted or played for a sucker either.
    My breaking point was an article on ethical oil by MH Findlay in todays GM. Not that entirely disagreed with her, but its clear that she as an influential lib thinks gateway is cool if they consult enough. Obviously i don’t agree – that’s life – she’s entittled to her opinion. But there’s no feedback. I have to read this in the press, an opinion which i’m pretty sure has major currency within the party pooh bahs but not so much the membership, yet there’s no consulation, nada via open liberal channels.
    I’m wondering if the party is relevant anymore if it is determined to proceed with or without the members feedback let alone wishes considered.
    Boy i’m steaming today, i could almost become a dipper if it wasn’t for the fact their policy in Quebec is moronic and dishonest.

    • I joined the Libs a few months but held off sending any money until I saw them actually doing something.  I get the riding emails (Saanich and the Islands)  and there hasn’t been a word about the pipeline.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth May is all over it.  I guess I will keep voting for her. I’ll read Martha’s piece later, it’s a beautiful day out here, no reason to ruin it this early.

      • You’re doing the right thing, vote for the best local person who supports your pov, regardless of party. Marthas’s piece was fine, but just says something to me about where the liberal mindset is at – at least among its elite. Bunch of fence sitters who’re scared to lose. PET would have scorned this party as it is today.

        •  You’re just impatient.  I sympathize, but Rae can’t say much as interim leader, and policy-making is still ongoing.

          Why not go to the Lib site, and rant at them?

          • They’re leaving the field to Harper and Mulclair. They can no longer have much presence in the House or in the committees.  Rae kept them front and centre while the NDP was leaderless but he can’t do it now.  I’ll have to see if I still have that fundraising letter but I’m pretty sure it was for a rapid response media blitz at that time. not for re-stocking the piggy bank.

          •  Yup, they’re doing that, and being so sloooow isn’t helping them.

            It doesn’t need to take this long.

            I remember that fund–raising letter….sent by Rae I think, and demanding money for attack action.  I wasn’t about to contribute to defending Rae

            Somebody must has quashed him, cuz now it’ll be used for ads on behalf of the permanent leader.

          • Absolutely right. Rae can’t do it anymore. His time as leader should now be over and done. Whose next – lord knows. JT is obvious but he doesn’t want the ball for whatever reason, most of them perfectly reasonable. But i wonder if the time will ever be perfect for him. He’d do fine no matter what the Trudeau family haters say.

          • Already did. Quit there too. It’s like talking to a wall. The only tell you what they want you to hear.

            Disagree. As third party this is their time to take strong radical positions; imagine what they’ll be like if they ever look like getting another sniff of real power – sorry, we have to look at the big picture here – namely what they percieve as being in the parties interest, Canadas will get honourable mention – maybe.

          •  I agree it’s their time to take more radical positions…..but with an interim leader and no finalized policy as yet….we aren’t going to get it until a new leader is elected.

        • I can’t stomach this fence turtling.  How can she be pro-pipeline before the hearings  are even completed,  and especially  now  we know Harper plans to attempt to force it through regardless. And this pollyanna – we just need more cooperation – well how’s that going Martha?   I see she’s a fellow at the University of Calgary now. 

          • You are also ready to be a dipper.

          • Better report her to minister Toews for excercising her democratic choice.

          • Nah – I’m going to  the Communist Party – the revolution is just taking too long.

          • Do you really want to have a Dipper government rather than a Liberal?

          • Well said. Her passivity and trust in good process winning out is quite touching and sweet…someone needs to tell her this isn’t 1980 anymore. “They” don’t give a damn about process.

          • I met Martha last fall.   Was really looking forward to it because she is such a trooper.  Lost so many times and got up and tried again.  However, after having talked to her for about an hour I was disappointed.

    •  On what possible grounds can you accuse Martha Hall Findlay of being an influential Liberal? How is she any more influential than, say, you?

      • hmmm let me see. She’s a well connected toronto lawyer who’s been elected to parliament and is rumoured to have some interest in the upcoming LPC leadership race…and i’m a nobody who lives north of sixty. I can’t possibly imagine what you’re getting at…you were teasing me right? :)

  4. Don’t waste money on the Temp.

  5. What a pathetic letter.  I understand they don’t want to spend the money.  But the letter is pathetic.

    • Agreed.  This part in particular was choice:  “I know that some of you want us to punch back as hard and as quickly as possible. And I know that even more of you want to make sure our response is strong and principled and offers a positive message about what Liberals stand for.”
      We want to be vicious, bare-knuckled and nasty, while being principled and positive.  Whatever, Mike.

  6. Party HQ are a much more timid and timorous lot than the caucus. Some heads should roll down Metcalfe Street.

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