Liberals want Prime Minister, PMO staff and Mike Duffy to appear before ethics committee -

Liberals want Prime Minister, PMO staff and Mike Duffy to appear before ethics committee

Motion to tabled with ethics committee


A statement from Liberal MP Scott Andrews.

“The revelations about ethical misconduct in the Prime Minister’s Office are truly outrageous to Canadians. That is why today I gave notice of motion at the House of Commons Ethics committee calling for a thorough investigation into this matter.

The Liberal Party will be calling on the Ethics committee to invite as witnesses the Prime Minister, former and current senior PMO staffers, as well as Conservative Senate leaders and Senator Mike Duffy.

It is of paramount importance that Canadians be assured of transparency and full disclosure by this government, and thus far, Mr. Harper has failed to answer Canadians’ very valid questions.

We trust we will receive the support of all parties – including Conservative MPs – in order to get to the bottom of this troubling scandal. While Mr. Harper may call it a ‘distraction’, Canadians expect real answers and the truth, and Liberals will continue to work on their behalf.”


Liberals want Prime Minister, PMO staff and Mike Duffy to appear before ethics committee

  1. Francien Verhoeven would like for Justin Trudeau to make his public expense account open to the public, so that we can all see if he did not double dip when going on a private speaking tour while sitting as a paid MP.

    What do you have to hide, Justin?

    • Francien would rather go fishing than deal with the facts before us. We know public funds were deemed to have been used inappropriately and we need to know how to prevent this in future. I would totally agree that those believed to have erred , and yes Francien that includes Mac Harb, should respond for their actions before the people of Canada whose money we know has been misused.

      Why don’t you want to know about Mac Harb anymore?

      • I do want to know about Mac Harb, but as we all must understand; that which is before the courts can not be talked about!

        What I would really like to know is how Justin dealt with his public expense account when he was travelling to and fro private speaking engagements, you know, the times he sat as an MP but was not considering himself a politician when going on speaking tours………….

        I think such an investigation of Justin would be the perfect one to dig into for Robert Fife! The nation is counting on him!!

        • I wonder how Vic Toews dealt with his public expense account when he was banging his babysitter? Was he considering himself a politician when using hotel rooms for that purpose? Why isn’t the media asking these questions?

        • I think an investigation of the prime minister is in order. We still have no idea how he managed to finance his leadership bid. So get going Francien cause if you want to know about Trudeau we all need to know about Harper cause he`s naming disreputable people all over the place RIGHT NOW.

          BTW, that which is before the court didn`t stop the public accounts committee from hearing persons accused of criminal activity, i.e., Chuck Guité, before trial or Gomery commission got under way.

    • Here we have a Conservative supporter trying to distract from the real issue at hand. Be fore you accuse me of being a Liberal or lefty, let me tell you I am neither. I am a very concerned tax payer who feels that my taxes are higher because of this type of cheating. We know Duffy was up to no good and if he isn’t then I would expect he would welcome a complete look into this. Same goes for Harper.

    • Francien, like a goalie, you’re very good at deflecting shots but you should learn how to avoid giving up so many rebounds.

    • I thought you were sick of the boards FV? But here you are spinning your helical spoor once again, because it’s all about Justin or Harb, and never about the ethical conduct of the Harper government.

      That lofty pen of clarity and justice you think you are wielding is nothing more than a manure stained shovel and your obtuse insights are beyond tiresome. But perhaps that is your intention, eh Yoko?

      While I enjoy, respect and can learn from different opinions and viewpoints (Guanilon where are you?) you are altogether quite another matter.

      Perhaps it’s time for you to throw in the trowel?