Life imitates Coyne


“Let [broadcasters] charge the cable companies for their signals if they like — but let the cablecos choose whether they wish to carry them.”

— A. Columnist, Let us watch what we want, Maclean’s, last week

“Liberal MP Scott Simms asked Rogers if it would endorse a U.S.-style system where the networks collect fees from cable companies, but they don’t have mandated carriage as the networks in Canada do. The company said yes, but only if CTV and Global were willing to give up their mandatory carriage.”

Globe and Mail, April 21

“The political fight over television carriage fees took a bizarre twist yesterday, when Rogers Communications Inc. told a parliamentary committee it would support the American model for fee-for-carriage.

CTVglobemedia Inc., one of Canada’s largest over-the-air broadcasters, immediately heralded the move as a significant step toward solving the crisis in conventional television.”

Toronto Star, same day

“In response to testimony delivered to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, CTVglobemedia welcomed statements today from Rogers Communications executives on the acceptability of a fee-for-carriage regime in Canada based on the American retransmission consent model.”

CTV press release

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Life imitates Coyne

  1. Ah yes, but CTV’s press release played up the fee-for-carriage and didn’t mention getting rid of mandatory carriage. Handy that.

    As well, no one is talking about the simsub (simultaneous substitution) rules which dictate if there is a local signal carrying the same programming you must substitute the local signal. How does that work if you don’t carry the local signal? The Simsub rules don’t cover that for cablecos, as it doesn’t happen today. Would they be required to black out the american channels, forcing folks to get an antenna for those local signals not carried by their cable company?

  2. Nice. It’s good to know that you have an attentive readership. Shouldn’t these big mediacorps be paying you a fee for the policy advice ? I think that’s only fair.

  3. Can someone enlighten me on this would affect my type of wishful viewership? I like to either receive a few stations over-the-air, or subscribe to a service that has minimal costs and minimal choices. As you can tell, I’m only interested in a few stations.

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