Like he said in the first place


Asked this afternoon about his helicopter ride, the Defence Minister reverted to his original explanation—the one the government had seemingly abandoned.

Mr. Speaker, as I have said in this House many times, I left time off to go back to work. Before leaving Gander, I took part in a search and rescue demonstration that has been confirmed by retired Cormorant Squadron Leader and Pilot, Major Stephen Reid, who stated that the participation in this training exercise they viewed as a win-win situation. As I said, I took part in this demonstration and then as requested I went on to complete further government business.

Later, Stephane Dion rose and challenged Mr. MacKay to step out into the foyer and take questions from reporters. The Defence Minister declared that “in almost 15 years in this place, I have never walked out the back door of this chamber.” After Question Period, Mr. MacKay did walk out into the foyer, taking a few steps before turning and walking up the stairs as a reporter shouted questions at him.


Like he said in the first place

  1. Another day, another fairy tale.

    He’d have been better off sticking with the borrowed dog one.

    • Fly me to the moon, and let me dance among the stars.  We have our own Peter Pan who has a friend who is a real pilot.

      • Peter Pan!  Perfect name for him!

  2. Does anyone really think this story will amount to anything?

    It’s like the Occupy movement, completely forgotten in a month.

    • Liberals did the same thing over Minister Oda’s ‘not’, the Afghan documents, and Govt in contempt of Parliament;
      and it earned them 3rd party status on May 2/2011.

      You’d think they would take a step back and measure the results of these attempts at gotcha politics.
      Why they keep following the media’s lead, which led them to destruction, is baffling.

      • Actually, looking back at the mileage the Conservatives got while in opposition playing gotcha politics over the Liberals use of government planes, I’m more inclined to say, carry on.

        I didn’t care that cabmins used gov planes or a pm uses a challenger to travel to a lib convention in Vancouver, and I don’t care much about Peter Pan’s flights either.  But we are living in the era of stupid politics brought about by that idiot  Manning who wanted to turn Stornaway into a bingo hall.  These silly cons used to and still do complain about the liberal limo crowd, so they now use SUVs – boy, I’d like to know the cost of that.  In the private limo rental business, it certainly costs more for an SUV than for a limo. 

        • “or the pm uses a challenger to travel to a lib convention in Vancouver”.
          For goodness sakes, if nothing else happens today, please Lorraine learn that the Prime Ministers of this nation have no choice but to take private jets when they travel across the country.  The RCMP makes it impossible for them to fly in a commercial airline for security reasons so unless you are suggesting that they drive across the country in a car with their security…remember, they are not given a choice on how they will fly.

    • and that makes what he did ok? Fiscally prudent? He’s entitled to his entitlements?

      Little lies… big lies…. one lie…. a million lies  

      Who cares, eh Turd?

      • What can one expect from a turd?

    • Maybe forgotten by you.  This will be on my list of things to remember for a while.  Just like the Occupy movement.

    • Completely forgotten in a month, absolutely.

      But one of those things that’ll be remembered in 2015.

      • But Bob Rae took a chopper trip too, so who will you vote for?

        • But Steve Harper said he’d be different. How’s that going?

        • Bob Rae was on a Search And Rescue helicopter that requires coordination across several provinces then a Challenger Jet so he could attend a re-announcement of spending already decided two years previously and with two other cabinet ministers in attendance?

          • If they’d just let Rona do announcements on her own this wouldn’t have been necessary.   

    • If it looks like shit and smells like shit, Turd.

      • Or perhaps, a turd is a turd is a turd.

    • No, I do not believe it will amount to anything and I think Aaron Wheery is grasping at straws.  If Peter McKay was a Vice President of the business of Canada, in charge of Defence and was taking a vacation in Gander and decided to include a meeting with SAR and an exercise on his way back to Ottawa, we would be back slapping for his ingenuity in combining his vacation with the exercise and not making an extra trip.  

      • Except he’s doing it on our dime. Happy?

  3. Hey Liberals and NDP, watCH this.

    My voters believe this.
    Now they believe this.
    Now they believe the first thing again.

    Can you make your voters do that? BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

    • It’s magic….

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