Like Hitler


Larry Miller makes sure the last hours of debate on the long-gun registry don’t pass without a Hitler reference.

It appears the quote he cites is also in some dispute.

Update 4:23pm. After QP, Mr. Miller rose with the following point of order.

Mr. Speaker, earlier today in this House I was speaking on Bill C-19 and I referred to and used the name Adolf Hitler. While the references to the gun registry and what this evil guy did to perpetrate his crimes are very clear, it was inappropriate to use his name in the House and I apologize to anybody it may have offended.


Like Hitler

  1. And with that, the Conservatives have lost to the debate – Godwin’s Law.

    • And they don’t care a damn whit about losing the intellectual part of the exercise.

    • So then HItler was on the side of law abiding farmers? Aha!

      • Well except for his little beer hall failure, guns were never used.  He got to where he did with the power of words.

        • Well..there WAS that unfortunate inferno of the parliament.

          • Yes, a nasty encounter with a match….but no guns.

            In any case, Hitler was already Chancellor by that time

    • Speak for yourself.

      • It’s your party,not mine pal.

        • You used the word “we”, not me. Stop backtracking.

          • A member of YOUR party caused all Canadians to look ignorant.

          • Speak for yourself.

          • @s_c_f:disqus 

            Sorry….one of yours I’m afraid.

            But advertise your ignorance all you want. It’s what chatsites are for…..exposing Cons. LOL

          • One second you’re talking about “we” and “all Canadians” and then you’re saying things like “one of yours”. Make up your mind. Your mind is all over the place, in a bad way.

            And to top it off, you make some sort of random insult that appears to have no relation to anything that’s been said anywhere.

  2. I’ve not received a memo, but can Godwin be applied to places outside of the internet? Or even 
    Reductio ad Hitlerum or argumentum ad Hitlerum?

  3. Is there a full moon, maybe?

    Guardian ~ Feb 7 2012:

    The French prime minister and his cabinet have stormed out of parliament after an opposition MP accused the rightwing interior minister of flirting with Nazi ideology.

    • As a matter of fact there is. It happens today at 1.54pm Pacific time, 4.54pm EST.

      • Thanks. Will have to remember to have a look tonight when it comes out. 

        I think full moons make humans howl but, so far, statistics say otherwise.

    • Interesting.  I have no idea (and care not a whit) what the context is, but just for my own edification, is accusing someone of taking on Nazi ideology the automatic fail that is comparing to Hitler?  Because, I get the Hitler thing, but I also imagine that sometimes people can advocate for some parts of Nazi ideology.  Hopefully, not the mass killing part.

      • I think it is safe to assume that if someone is calling you Nazi/Hitler that it’s not meant as compliment to your road building abilities or somesuch. 

        wiki ~ “Just days after the 1933 Nazi takeover, Adolf Hitler enthusiastically embraced an ambitious autobahn construction project and appointed Fritz Todt the Inspector General of German Road Construction. Soon, over 100,000 labourers worked at construction sites all over Germany. As well as providing employment and improved infrastructure, necessary for economic recovery efforts, the project was also a great success for propaganda purposes.The autobahns formed the first limited-access, high-speed road network in the world, with the first section from Frankfurt am Main to Darmstadt opening in 1935.”

        • So infrastructure spending is a Nazi idea? No wonder the CPC avoided it as much as they could.

          • Now you know why we avoid it. 

            You know, Hitler built highways and sewers. Do you want us to be like him?

        • Wiki – “The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways (commonly known as the Interstate Highway System, Interstate Freeway System or the Interstate) is a network of limited-access roads including freeways, highways, and expressways forming part of the National Highway System of the United States of America.

          The cost of construction has been estimated at $425 billion (in 2006 dollars), making it the largest public works project in history…

          Initial federal planning for a nationwide highway system began in 1921 when the Bureau of Public Roads asked the Army to provide a list of roads it considered necessary for national defense….

          Eisenhower gained an appreciation of the German Autobahn network as a necessary component of a national defense system while he was serving as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during War II.

          • I chose autobahns on purpose because Hitler did actually do something useful but no one thanks the Nazis for building the first highway system. 

            Don’t know how true it is but rumour is that Eisenhower also believed two lane roads crisscrossing America would be helpful to move troops around the country in case of invasion. 

  4. “……guns are inherently evil and must be taken out of the hands of the general public”

     It sounds like the kind of claptrap that spews out of a drunken, fist pounding barfly

    • I have never heard Jim Flaherty utter such things.

      • LOL!

  5. If the liberals of the 90s actually believed guns were evil and should be taken out the hands of the general populace, surely they would have taken them out of the hands of the general populace.

    And not that it excuses his dumbassery, but it’s possible he’s deviating from his prepared text (suddenly speaks less stiltedly, eyes off the paper first time) and didn’t actually spend time to come up with and write down the analogy in a freakin’ prepared text.  Maybe.

  6. Ahh free speech… a very useful tool to allow the useful tools to self identify.

  7. I’m glad the Conservatives are brave enough to stop this Liberal pogrom.

  8. Godwin – automatic lose, everybody drink.

  9. While the references to the gun registry and what this evil guy did to perpetrate his crimes are very clear, it was inappropriate to use his name in the House and I apologize to anybody it may have offended.

    So, he wants to make it clear that the analogy to Hitler was TOTALLY appropriate and measured, it’s just that it was rude to say the words “Adolf Hitler” in the House???

    • With Harp being away in China, we’ll likely have dingbat eruptions all week.

    • You know. The seven words you can’t say in parliament:
      Yes, No, Lying, Liar, Adolf Hitler,  and Bullshit.

  10. He apologizes to anyone his statement “may” have offended?  There’s no “may” about it, genius.  It offended everyone.

    • Anyone offended by this in reality would have the thinnest skin possible.  No sane person would be offended by this. 

      It’s just another stupid game in the House of Commons, played by journalists and partisans supporting the opposition.  It’s nothing more than that.

      • To summarize:

        1) offended = insane
        2) not offended =  sane.


        • You were offended by that?  Seriously?  Get a grip.

    • Apparently it didn’t offend some in Harper’s pompom klan. 

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