‘Like Martin Luther King and other human rights reformers’


Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott awarded two Diamond Jubilee medals to anti-abortion activists, one of whom is currently in prison.

Mary Wagner, 38, who has been repeatedly charged with mischief and violating court orders at abortion clinics, was nominated for the medal by Saskatchewan Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott. Another Jubilee medal went to Linda Gibbons, a Toronto grandmother who has been charged numerous times for breaching the court-ordered “bubble zones” around clinics. Vellacott likened the two women to U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr…

Wagner is being held at a correctional facility for women in Milton, Ont., pending her next court appearance on charges of violating the terms of her probation. She was arrested at a Toronto abortion clinic in August and is awaiting trial. Wagner was previously convicted of mischief and two counts of breaching probation for entering the Bloor Street West Village Women’s Clinic in November 2011 and approaching patients in the waiting room. At the time, she was on probation for a previous mischief charge and had been prohibited from coming within 200 metres of the clinic or contacting its staff.

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‘Like Martin Luther King and other human rights reformers’

  1. One of the wicked men who brought infanticide to Canada was appointed to Order of Canada a few years ago so I don’t see why people who are against the murder of babies should not be recognized also.

    Nice country I live in, we throw women in jail for trying to protect innocent babies.

    pj o’rourke ~ The second item in the liberal creed, after self-righteousness, is unaccountability. Liberals have invented whole college majors–psychology, sociology, women’s studies–to prove that nothing is anybody’s fault. No one is fond of taking responsibility for his actions, but consider how much you’d have to hate free will to come up with a political platform that advocates killing unborn babies but not convicted murderers. A callous pragmatist might favor abortion and capital punishment. A devout Christian would sanction neither. But it takes years of therapy to arrive at the liberal view.

  2. Vellacott supports vile policies and I hope Saskatoon gets its own ridings and casts him out in the next election.

    • Yes, fewer rural votes included with our urban votes may help other parties in SK; in Palliser, we are really looking forward to NOT having Moose Jaw and rural area choose our next MP.

      But this, this is disgusting. Does the Queen know that medals are being given in her name to incarcerated criminals?

  3. Amazing….now we’re handing out medals to criminals!

  4. In good news, human rights activist Richard Warman was honoured with the same medal for his work against hate speech and neo-nazism.

    • Which just goes to show that any crank, phoney or charlatan is eligible. A subway token has more utility and more meaning than a “medal” for drawing attention to yourself.

  5. Folks should look at this for what it is: the Conservative Party throwing their so-con base a bone. Unfortunately for the so-cons, it’s about all they’re gonna get.

    • Exactly. Best response is to shrug and let the story die as unremarked as possible.

  6. In case you were wondering if the Law and Order party was at all selective.

  7. Will he be able to swing a pardon for them too…or will they have to wait longer and pay more like other non celebrity criminals?
    I don’t particularly object to a known crank like Vellacoutt riding his hobby horse where ever he chooses to – i do object to him warming himself by the fires of a true hero.