Like rats from a sinking leadership!


David McGuinty out. Martha out. Kennedy out. Coderre out. Manley and McKenna, out and out. A lot of Liberals seem to have decided that, pace Dom LeBlanc, this is an excellent time for tentative steps.

If you’re working for Bob Rae, you’re wondering how to stop a steam train straight out of Harvard Yard at this point. It’s all coming together for Michael Ignatieff, but perhaps this will come as slim consolation: tomorrow the only thing that has ever managed to stop Ignatieff before will happen again.

He will open his mouth.

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Like rats from a sinking leadership!

  1. He will open his mouth.


    Ignatieff may sleep well, though I’m not so sure about his advisors. Onward Liberal greybeards…

  2. If he’dt stop having opinions, he might (possibly) be palatable to Liberals. Methinks he’s runnin gfo rth eleadership of the wrong party.

  3. There are now more people running for the Speaker’s Chair than for the leadership of the Liberal Party. I have no idea what, if anything, that means.

  4. Well, Kady, whic would you rather be? I know my answer, and it isn’t Liberal leader.

  5. He will open his mouth.

    Let me add as an Iggy supporter a hearty: Double Ha!

    He worked hard to earn your scorn. Hopefully he is working just as hard to reverse the opinion.

  6. I’m in full benefit-of-the-doubt mode when it comes to Count Ig, but a good punchline is a good punchline.

  7. The audacity of hype.

  8. Don’t believe the hype…

  9. Scorn is a good thing. Especially when deserved. I’m hoping my fellow iggyfiles are as open to learning from the past as I know the Count is trying to be.

  10. Nice work giving the punchline a new paragraph, PW. Comedy is all about timing.

  11. Ted,

    Tell him to stay away from open flames and rakes. Also, Harper had those portions of his personality surgically removed that were getting in the way of his ascent to power. Iggy might consider a similar operation.

    No jokes. No irony, until he proves he can handle it. Just smile knowingly.

    On the other hand, the “not being really Canadian” thing won’t be a factor this time out, nor will the “lets torture everybody in the Middle East” thing. So he’s halfway home.

  12. BCL:

    True. And the “not being really a Liberal” thing won’t factor in too much for Rae so it’s a wash.

    I’m actually thinking the rounds of “he’s really just an American, isn’t he” will work in his favour this time, what with Canadians all of sudden being so lovey-dovey with the US. It now being the practice of political leaders like Harper and Cameron and Layton to stretch some kind of link or association with Obama, Iggy might even consider taking up residence in the US to show how close he is to Obama and distinguish himself from Harper.

    In fact, I think it shows just how far ahead of the curve Iggy really is having already lived there before it was cool to be American again.

    (And BTW, you’ve got to try this kool-aid they’re passing around here these days. Waaay better than last time. Even gives you a bit of a buzz.)

  13. Good point Kady : Maybe it’s because the Speakers postion has a certain element of credilbility and a possibility of a future not too mention the fact that people have respect for you.

  14. And you get a car and driver as speaker, don’t you? The same cannot be said for Liberal leadership.

  15. “No jokes. No irony, until he proves he can handle it. Just smile knowingly.”

    Hey, it worked for John Yoo.

  16. “And you get a car and driver as speaker, don’t you? The same cannot be said for Liberal leadership.”

    Actually, as Opposition Leader, you do. Plus the keys to Stornoway.

    As Speaker, you get the keys to Kingsmere.

    However, as OL, you get to dream about 24 Sussex. As Speaker, you get to dream about motions and sub-amendments and points of order.

    Don’t know which one sounds less appealing, quite frankly.

  17. No Country For Old Iggies. That’s all I’m saying.

  18. Well, it breaks down to this:

    In addition to pay as an MP, the Speaker of the House gets an additional salary of $74,400, plus a car allowance of $1,601 and a rent allowance of $3,000.

    In contrast, the Leader of the Opposition gets the same additional salary, but a car allowance of $2,122 and no rent allowance. You could conclude that the Speaker gets more by way of benefits, then.

  19. But Phantom, that’s all interesting and all and I’m sure Harper might be interested, but the Liberal Opposition Leader is only going to be there for a few months so can you let us know about the PM salary and perks?

  20. As Speaker of the House, you get to face your angry mob. As Liberal Leader of the Opposition, you have to stand in front of it, (and here’s the worst part) with your back fully exposed.

    I’m sure Kingsmere is lovely…

  21. Ted: The PM gets a salary of $155,400 (equal to the MP’s annual indemnity), a car allowance of $2,122 (the same as the Opposition Leader), and no rent allowance. So you could say Harper’s not all that worried about his bank account.

  22. Ah but the campaign for speaker can be paid entirely out of your Parliamentary budget – it costs you nothing, and Elections Canada ain’t involved.

    Running for Fisheries Committee Chair is more appealing than running for Party leadership in this day and age. And not just for Liberals. The same misery applies when Jack Layton leaves in 2037.

  23. Rae and Iggy… well it looks like the party is really trying to branch outside of Toronto….*cough*.

  24. Riley, no worries. Wait til you see the party’s next generation: David Miller.

  25. Richard – To win a Speaker’s election, you just need to convince 155 or so MPs to vote for you. To win the leadership of any party requires considerably more than that. Of course, you have to get elected as an MP before you can vie for the Speaker’s job, which isn’t necessary to run for the leadership of a party, so it all sort of works out in the end.

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