Literary theft -

Literary theft


More on the very real problem of cabinet ministers encountering petty crime.

The thief who nabbed my bag will have found a copy of Mark Helprin’s novel Winter’s Tale, and Cdn poet David Manicom’s Theology of Swallows.

I hope my thief reads them. (Wagers on the chances of that?). Both are moving works in part about redemption.


Literary theft

  1. I wonder how Jason’s RCMP bodyguards felt about the whole thing.

  2. Hmm . . . Saskatoon, literature, prime ministerial ambitions . . . Yann Martel? Just hmm.

  3. I’d just like to note that I tried to read Winter’s Tale at least a dozen times over as many years, and finally just gave up. Not because it was too complex for my wee, girlish brain but because, despite having all the elements that would ordinarily render it an unputdownable, I just couldn’t get into it. Hopefully Jason’sThief will have better luck with it.

    • I’ve never been able to get my hands on it.. until yesterday. How unfortunate that this copy seems ot have cheezy prints on the pages.

  4. This is hilarious. I think a Jason Kenney leadership campaign would be must-see television :-)

  5. I sense a Hollywood action blockbuster in the making…

    They smashed his window.

    They stole his bag.

    In that bag…his vanity novels…and a piece of his soul.

    Now, it’s personal….

    Jason Kenney *is* The Minister of Redemption, and he has nothing to lose. He’s done with policy, press scrums and official letters. Armed with a Blackberry and a gut full of rage, he will stop at nothing to regain what he has lost. God help anyone who stands in his way (we’re looking at you, Liberals and BQ…).

    Coming to theatres in summer 2009, a Mollify the Base Pictures release:

    “Twitterwish II: Poetic Revenge”

    • Variety: Tell us about your new movie, Twitterwish II.
      Tom Cruise: It’s an action film, Canadian film, set in Saskatoon. Really ace script. All about crime.
      Variety: Please, no spoilers! So you play J. C. Kennedy —
      Tom Cruise: Jason Kenney.
      Variety: Right. Retired special agent. A killer.
      Tom Cruise: Er, Minister of Citizenship and a bunch of other stuff. Redemption, that kind of thing.
      Variety: Tell us about the controversial torture scene.
      Tom Cruise: It’s self-inflicted. The villain steals a copy of Winter’s Tale and reads it.
      Variety: Ouch.
      Tom Cruise: Yeah, it’s out there. Pushes the limits.
      Variety: We heard you had to gain 65 pounds for the role.
      Tom Cruise: I drank a lot of milk. Didn’t shave for three days . . .

      • “I drank a lot of milk. Didn’t shave for three days . . .”

        You owe me a keyboard, Mitchell. Mine’s just been sprayed with coffee from laughing…

      • Hilarious Jack

      • LOL.

      • Brilliant!

    • Man, I can just hear that movie trailer voice!

      I especially loved “a Mollify the Base Pictures”

  6. Did Kenney lose his bag when his rental car was broken into, or did someone SUBSEQUENTLY steal his bag from him?

    Is it possible that this is less about the rampant crime in Saskatoon than it is about Jason Kenney’s horrible luck?

  7. Geez….. why isn’t this guy the Heritage Minister??

    I bet Kenney knows who Atom Egoyan is!