REPLAY: What to make of Parliament's raucous spring -

REPLAY: What to make of Parliament’s raucous spring

Aaron Wherry, John Geddes and Paul Wells reflect on a choppy few months in Ottawa



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REPLAY: What to make of Parliament’s raucous spring

  1. So, okay … the guy has been known to mumble something along the
    lines of ” markets must be free ” from time to time and ,in our modern
    world, that can allow for the acceptance of a multitude of sins … but,
    at some point, the idea of Bad Government will have to creep into the
    conversation. I’ve been waiting a long time. Still waiting.

    • Sounds like you might want to turn that into a question, BGLong. I’ll bet one of the guys will take it on.

  2. Well, running solely on smaller govt isn’t much of a positive vision after all is it? It’s a bit like what you do after sex, at some point after you got to talk to somebody bout something…anything really.

    • Nah, just roll over and go to sleep, kcm2.

  3. What’s the use in speculatin’?

    Are you guys that bored?

    Go out and enjoy life a little bit – take a few days off!

    It might open your minds!!!

    • Plenty of time for that, Francien. C’mon. You MUST have a question or two or three for these guys. They’ll be gone before you know it, and then you’ll miss them!

      • OK, why not. Here’s the question:

        What is the definition of ‘double dipping’ according to Geddes, Wells and Wherry.


        (now I will have to wait 3 months to get an answer! :)))

        • “Double dipping” with respect to anything in particular? There are a few things you could be referencing.