Look at us, we’re doing stuff (II)


I regret to admit that I posted about the morning’s photo op in haste.

Indeed, had I taken the time to more fully research the situation I would have realized to precisely what degree our ministers of the crown were positioned like potted plants and other bits of scenery, as explained in this clip from CBC (courtesy of BCer in Toronto).

(See also: Feschuk’s rather lucrative caption challenge.)


Look at us, we’re doing stuff (II)

  1. Puahahahahah~!


  2. An unoriginal thought… Well, how else would the media know what were the ministers and what were the lamps and stuffed chairs?

  3. If you look at the whole group, you see the two women appear to be sitting on booster seats to elevate them above all the sitting men. Did any reporters ask the reason for the CPC strategy of giving women booster seats? It does show off part of their legs as they are wearing skirts. Likely, they were told to wear skirts for this purpose.

    • If that’s the case, they should have included an infrastructure bill that gave all males a pair of Diane Finley sunglasses to prevent us from going blind…

      • So the woman is losing her eyesight and Dan the jerk thinks it`s funny—the irresponsible ” journalism ” of Wherry only encourages A Holes like Dan the Jerk.

  4. Nitpicker: def.—–One who manages to post two stories about one photograph……..ex.——the Entertainment Tonight reporter posted two stories about the Lohan photo.

    • If you don’t like the posts, no one’s forcing you to read them.

      • I`m just sarcastically suggesting that a man of Aaron`s obvious talents could find a more substantive way to constructively criticize a massive budgetary document in these earth-shattering times we live in.

        • Well, I bet it took Aaron a heckuva lot less time than the heavy-handed thinking of CON footmen who had to draw up the map and present it before the king. So you’re against any effort in commenting about overthinking partisan furniture moving, but fine with the buffoons who practice the actual fluff of moving furniture for a photo op sake? Wow, you must be a card-carrying CON.

          • No I`m just sick of the whining of pinkos like youself.

  5. It warrants the attention, because this behaviour is extremely revealing as to the motivation and culture of the Harper government and PMO. Honestly, distributing a seating plan to an informal chat with ministers?