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Look at us, we’re talking about stuff


Lest you doubt that the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Governor of the Bank of Canada sat in a room together this afternoon, the Prime Minister’s Office has released both photo and video (zip file) evidence. Apparently at such meetings, the Prime Minister first delivers opening remarks in both official languages.

For whatever reason, Peter Van Loan was not allowed this time to hover over the Prime Minister’s shoulder and listen in.


Look at us, we’re talking about stuff

  1. ” Apparently at such meetings, the Prime Minister first delivers opening remarks in both official languages.”

    Hahahahaha. That made me laugh, thanks for that Wherry.

    I reckon the sh#t has really hit the fan over there in Europe – have you listened to language of Canadians recently about Europe? Scary, scary, scary. 

    Normally pols try to make lemonade from lemons but our pols can’t be bothered and are showing their frustration and anxiety. Apocalypse must be on its way to get Carney/Flaherty so heated the other day at their Washington press conference.

  2. Psst! Stephen! You’ve got the job for another four years. If you want to last longer, try doing it instead of campaigning.

  3. You can tell it was posed because the prime minister appears to be listening.

  4. thoughts (I’ve been “away” for a while, so there are several):
    – is that a computer on the PM’s desk?
    – is that computer a MacBook? Mac’s are definitely NOT approved government kit!
    – think they posed for photos, or that the photog was there shooting all meeting and they sat with the shutters closed (in some glorious Ottawa September weather) the whole time?
    – how can they really have been “working” if everyone still has their jackets on, and not one shirtsleeve is rolled up?
    – how much is the person in charge of positioning the Beatles’ mug paid? that’s a sweet gig.
    – how long till Harper swaps one of those two backdrop flags for a Red Ensign and starts calling himself the Royal Canadian Prime Minister?
    – Is Carney telling a dirty joke? because PMSH has a funny grin poking out from behind his “pensive palm”