Look into Michael Ignatieff’s eyes


The first Liberal ad of the campaign.

Quebec gets a slightly jazzier version.


Look into Michael Ignatieff’s eyes

  1. I better not look, I just ate lunch.

  2. Nice, friendly, quiet….no screaming, or black and white 'fear' images…effective.

  3. and this is why Iggy came back to force a $300 million election on us, is it? lol. Good luck with that.

    But it is nice to see Wherry finally taking even the slightest of pokes at his preferred leader. It must have taken some strength.

  4. Effective? What did it accomplish? No specific policies.

    And that other stuff he's left for the attacks ads that he's already released and that are sure to come. He's no saint.

  5. Er…perhaps you missed it, but he's been back for quite some time. Please don't make it sound like he just got here yesterday.

  6. the eyes are pink, I think he's been smoking something.

  7. I am looking and this is what I see………….

    Ignatieff is now seeking a mandate to lead this country and he hasnt even achieved a mandate to lead the liberal party. Instead of having a proper leadership convention where he risked losing to Rae or someone else he was appointed to the position by party insiders. It doesnt get more undemocratic than that. In fact it sounds a bit communist to me.

    Do we want this inexperienced person running our Country?

  8. Here's a clue Ann.

    He was the only candidate….he was elected by acclamation.

  9. He was away for over 30 years. When was it that he came back to be our prime minister?

  10. Grinch.

  11. Ann,

    Please keep posting and let your voice be heard, it doesn't matter what you believe or who you support, the important thing is that you are involved, that's the best thing that one can do for their country.

    You will find some posters here to try to bully you with VERY IGNORANT responses, and they won't leave you alone, they have to have the last answer, my suggestion ignore it, ignore the thumbs up or down and feel free to post your opinions.

    People like you is what make our politicians take notice : )

  12. wow Iggy, I'm impressed… you managed to get through that video without showing us the leering ghoul smile we've grown accustomed to see.

  13. We really need people calling people communists in order to combat ignorance. Give your head a shake, Claudia.

  14. Ann the problem is we already let someone run the country with little or no experience. Stephen Harper lasted four years as an MP, left Reform to work with a private group and came back almost 7 years later. This us not a great resume to run the country. I think experience is grossly overrated in politics.

  15. Methinks Claudia is what she complains about.

  16. I want to say you don't know much about democracy, but judging by your recent posts I conclude that you actually think posting this kind of nonsense is going to make people believe it.

    i feel sorry for you.

  17. He's been sitting in the House for six years. When he lost the Liberal leadership, he didn't bolt as the Conservatives predicted. Instead he sat on the opposition benches. Why should we listen to your spin and distortions now?

  18. Don't get me wrong, I like MI — but he really out to do what Harper did and get a "personal primper" to deal with those (Groucho) Marxist eyebrows.

  19. Ann, you need to do a couple of things. First learn what words like communist, socialist etc. mean before you use them. Second, learn about Harper's experience, because Ignatieff has far more than Harper did. So do Layton, Duceppe, and Elizabeth May for that matter.

  20. Claudia, you are defending somebody who is calling people communists in an attempt to smear them. If you think the responses that such posts draw are ignorant, I suggest you examine your own motives a little more carefully. Or should we all just refer to the Conservatives as fascists or nazis?

  21. When he lost the leadership, he spent most of his time undermining the person who won. Then, at the first chance he got, he toppled that person and took over his position without a democratic race.

    You know, you guys can focus on all this all you want. I don't know how in the world it will help you, but go right ahead.

  22. You can check with her to be sure but I suspect that Claudia was referring to Emily and Jan and you in her post. The clues for me were the phrases "bully " and "very ignorant " and " have to have the last answer."

  23. What is with this guy? The Liberals have worse polling than Dione did and he wants an election? He must be planning on some kind of coaltion. Whether he admitts it or not.

  24. He is still blinking his eyes too much. Don't believe him.

    – Excessive blinking

    –> showing romantic interest (if their pupil is dilated)

    –> sign of stress

    –> could be lying

  25. LOL this coming from a Con!

  26. Or we could try science

    Generally, between each blink in intervals of 2–10 seconds; actual rates vary by individual averaging around 10 blinks per minute in a laboratory setting. However, when the eyes are focused on an object for an extended period of time, such as when reading, the rate of blinking decreases to about 3-4 times per minute. This is the major reason that eyes dry out and become fatigued when reading.

  27. I think we can leave the eyeliner, lipstick and 'helmet hair' to Harper

  28. "When he lost the leadership, he spent most of his time undermining the person who won."

    So? That just shows he's a Liberal. It also shows he'd fit into the Conservative party pretty well too, given their record.

    "Then, at the first chance he got, he toppled that person and took over his position without a democratic race. "

    You make it sound like he staged a palace coup, complete with antique muskets and those skinny little swords. He was acclaimed leader because nobody ran against him, and that's the Liberals' business anyway, since it's their party. If you want to change the possibility of it happening again, then join the party and work to change it.

    I have a feeling you'd be one of those neighbours who stares over the fence and gives unwelcome, likely erroneous, advice on lawn care.

  29. Thank you Blue and your common sense!

  30. So support all non-Conservatives referring to Conservatives as fascists then, Blue?

  31. I like the eyebrows…it's like some kind of puppet show or something.

  32. Just counted them – 25 times in 31 seconds. Either he has a serious case of dry eyes or he is not comfortable about the message he is delivering.

  33. Harper has a dry eye problem….it comes with getting older

    It has nothing to do with the message….jeezuz, how bored do you have to be….

  34. Nowhere near as bad as Turner's were; he always reminded me of a mad muppet.

  35. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you said you cared about democracy. Instead, anti-democratic Liberal tendencies are their business and their business only.

    The funny thing is that people like yourself think you're so much smarter than everyone else. When that's proven false, and your opponents win arguments and political office, you lash out like this. You can't stand to be put in the wrong. You say you're tolerant and democratic, but you're just the opposite. You have to have your way or else. That's why I'm glad this is Canada and not China. People like you don't get to win all the time.

  36. —Just to clear up any misunderstanding you should reread Ann`s comment. In referring to the appointment by Ignatieff by senior members of his Party to the leadership she said it ' sounds a bit communist " .
    She in no way called Iggy a Communist. However his appointment to Leader without the input from the membership of the Liberal Party was similar to that practised in Communism where the Leaders were often appointed by senior members of the Poliburo.

  37. Ignatieff has missed the most votes for any MP in 2010?

    You should not brag about his decision to be away for most of his adult life it is a disqualifier for most of my friends when it is shared. They all detest politics and politicians of every party.

    Political junkies are not good at reading the mood or values of what pisses of the taxpayer.

    Remember the Rob Ford blitzkrieg by the Media and the Big Liberal machine?

  38. I really don't care who she was referring to. She is being silly.

    So are you.

  39. I get the impression Ann is not too interested in learning about much. Her point here is to try to convince people of something even she probably knows is untrue.

  40. I'm certainly not voting for this idiot! Greatttttt time for an $$$ election.

    Canada has ridden the storm of the recession much much better than most. While I don't feel the current party is doing enough on health care and think they have to stop allowing companies to outsource to other countries, they have done OK.

    MI = fool

  41. Was it good or bad for Harper to "force" a $300-million election on us in 2008?

    Why or why not?

  42. Is it helmet hair, or hair helmet?

  43. I think the eyebrows are endearing.

  44. LOL well, it's a helmet. I'm not sure that it's hair.

  45. I liked the ad. Something not many on here seem to want to talk about it. I guess I should be concerned instead with how often he blinks, his eyebrows, or if he's a communist (really people?)Instead of talking about what he was saying.

    It's a good clean message. This election is about us. The voters. It's about families, health care, jobs. All things that matter very much to me. Still, he didn't hold punches. He compares Harper's priorities. Attacks his policies not the person. I found the ad strong and inspiring. Very different from the doom and gloom attack ads out there.

    I liked it!

  46. a) Well, Harper has actually lived in Canada for most of his life, hasn't he?

    b) Harper said he wanted a mandate to preside over the economy during challenging times. He got one, albeit a minority, and it'll be up to Canadians to judge if they're happy with their decision, won't it be?

    I just saw a CTV Toronto piece asking a number of people on the street what they think about and electon. And just about all of them displayed visible anger over the idea that we're having a frivolous election.

    People cite the Ontario Peterson Liberals as the last and only time voters punished anyone for calling an opportunistic election. I think this election might set a new precedent in that regard. It ain't gonna be pretty.

    Let's take the "contempt" charge. Over what? Nobody can say what it is. Bev Oda? What did she do again? Wait, the Liberals are still going to buy jets, too? That's why he's forcing an election on us?

    Good luck with all that.

  47. The Liberal party is failing to recognize that Mr. Ignatieff’s personal approval ratings are even below Dion’s.

    It is a significant gamble to have ads like these in the face of that reality. There is a very real possibility that such ads will hinder, not help the Liberal cause.

  48. First, what the hell does (a) have to do with the question? But since you raised it – wouldn't Iggy's foreign experiences make him more aware of international politics and policy, and potentially bring a wider variety of ideas about governance to our political system than Harper's stay-at-home navel-gazing?

    Second: Harper did not ask for a "mandate to preside over the economy during challenging times." Harper flat-out denied there was a recession, despite the fact that pretty much every economist and most politicians in the western world were already acknowledging we were in for a rough ride. His sole reason for calling an election was because he thought Parliament had become dysfunctional, and he couldn't work with the opposition. Do you think that's LESS true at present?

    Poilievre would be proud of you – assuming you aren't Pierre himself…

  49. Having ads of substance in the face of bad polling numbers is a bad idea? Really? Please, what form of marketing says they should sit on their hands instead? Michael Ignatieff is still introducing himself to Canadians, this is the forum to do that. I think he did a rather good job. He will continue, and then we'll see about those numbers.

    By all means keep your nose in those polls if that makes you happy. But me thinks your real problem is that you'd prefer if he did keep quiet. The Conservatives have underestimated Ignatieff's ability to campaign. I've listen to his first stump speech, it was good. Had the crowd energized. I hear Harper could not say the same today.

  50. First, what the hell does (a) have to do with the question? But since you raised it – wouldn't Iggy's foreign experiences make him more aware of international politics and policy, and potentially bring a wider variety of ideas about governance to our political system than Harper's stay-at-home navel-gazing?

    I first mentioned that he came back to force an election on us, and "Dave" only mentioned the last part. Look Iggy's absence from Canada is certainly a matter for debate, since he wants to be our prime minister, isn't it? Me? I'd prefer someone who actually likes to live here. You might be of a different opinion, of course.

    Second, your characterization of Harper's justification for an election is untrue. Yes, he cited the dysfunction of Parliament, but he also wanted a mandate for challenging times. He didn't call it a recession. So what? I never said he did.

    But you go ahead an keep making baseless accusations against Harper and me. It just weakens your own credibility, if you ask me.

  51. I'm glad you're coming into this with an open mind. It's voters like you that make me fall in love with democracy all over again.

  52. Did you miss the results where the Conservatives were rewarded at the Polls and the Liberals were handed their worst defeat since confederation?

    All leaders in the opposition rejected working with our PM in the summer. The GG granted a dissolution based on that fact. Were you out of the country in the summer?

  53. That Harper and his complete disregard for the elected parliament of Canada "sounds a bit fascist." Im not saying he is one though.

    Or we could just forget the hyperbolic language and hopefully have a civilized campaign.

  54. As a Conservative partisan blogger I WANT Liberals to talk more and share their wisdom with the public. That will hand us a majority in my opinion.

  55. Gayle I don't feel sorry for you being dishonest. Being out of touch is the sign of a radicalized leftie.

    Almost half of Canadians think Stephen Harper would make the best prime minister of Canada, while Michael Ignatieff, ironically, is viewed as the leader with the hidden agenda, according to an exclusive poll for Postmedia News as the election begins.

    Forty-nine per cent of those who responded to an online poll say the Conservative leader is the best fit as the country's prime minister. They rank him well above the other federal party leaders in several categories, including trust and efficiency, according to the Ipsos Reid poll conducted for Postmedia News and Global National.

    Read more: http://www.canada.com/news/Canadians+trust+Harper

  56. And that has what, exactly, to do with the point of this thread?

    Oh yeah. Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  57. someone has too much time on his hands

  58. I get the impression Gayle is not too interested in learning about much. Her point here is to try to convince people of something even she probably knows is untrue.

  59. Uh, Claudia? I got involved with the Liberal party. You seem to be giving my rights away to Ann, when I'm doing all the work.

    The Liberal Party did vote on its Constitution, you know. We knew we had put in place a mechanism for replacing a leader at short notice, when running unopposed. We VOTED for that, see? Because we're a mostly practical bunch, and it makes no sense to spend all kinds of money and all kinds of time to have a special convention just to acclaim somebody.

    So thanks for coming to the defence of people who get involved, but watching an ad isn't deserving of taking my vote away.

  60. But when the opposition parties used a stacked Committee to then force a non-confidence vote on the minority government, PM Harper went directly to the GG to suggest an election was being called for by the majority in the Parliament.
    That certainly doesn`t sound a bit fascist to me.
    I do recall a previous Martin government buying votes from opposition MP`s to survive a non-confidence vote.
    But I still wouldn`t call that fascist.

  61. Yup – he's tall, lean, and handsome. Also fluently bilingual, friendly, down to earth – answers any question you want to throw at him; and he's just way cooler than Harper. But then, so is anyone else.

  62. how much do you think she can learn from someone who thinks anyone who doesn't agree with them is a "radicalized leftie"….seriously

  63. In what universe do you think radicalized lefties are open to discuss reality?

    Are you example for examples how they shut down debate and use violence?
    Are those in black hoodies Italian women in mourning trashing the UK stores?
    Those Italian nonna in Toronto during the G20?
    Perhaps in Quebec City in 2002, Copehagen in 2010?

    Blaming the majority for not adopting the radical left's agenda (WARNING language)
    [youtube KbT61nQSB2o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbT61nQSB2o youtube]

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