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Looking for answers


Nearly a month ago, the Parliamentary Budget Office wrote to 83 departments of government seeking details of the cuts cited in this year’s budget. Today, the PBO reported back on the responses received so far.

On April 12, 2012, the PBO issued Information Request 0080 to all organizations affected by the spending reductions announced in Budget 2012. The data will be used to support parliamentarians’ consideration of the savings measures proposed in Budget 2012. Specifically, those aspects relating to planned allocation of savings on departmental program activities, personnel reductions, and service level impacts.

As of May 4, 2012, 8 departments have responded to the PBO’s request. Although this represents 9.64% of departments implicated in Budget 2012 savings measures, the responding departments are small and therefore this figure only represents 0.06% of the total savings measures and 0.61% of planned personnel reductions.


Looking for answers

  1. One could reasonably assume that, since the government built a budget around proposed cuts, they would have researched the impact and would have the numbers.

    Government by stealth.

  2. There are no details. These guys are making it up as they go along. Both fans and critics of Stephen Harper do Canadians a disservice in portraying him as some inscrutable chess master. He’s not even thinking one move ahead, just acting on the current news cycle and there is no plan other than ad hoc cuts (or they would be able to provide cost benefit analysis in every department.)