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Loose lips


The Defence Minister attempts to demonstrate his government isn’t nearly as secretive as its detractors allege.

According to Mr. Proussalidis, Mr. MacKay walked up to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Senator Meighen Wednesday morning after the journalist had started chatting with the pair. “It was all small talk until Defence Minister Peter MacKay walked up and joined the conversation, wearing a red ‘Fly Emirates’ baseball cap on his head and a grin on his face,” Mr. Proussalidis wrote.

“As I stood with the group, Senator Meighen asked about the cap, and that’s when the conversation became interesting. MacKay joked that he wore the cap for [minister John] Baird,” he wrote … “MacKay went on to tell Meighen that Canada could have continued to use a military base in the UAE for free … if only it had granted those slots. Then the defence minister suggested it would take 10 years to repair the relationship with the UAE.”


Loose lips

  1. what an idiot.

  2. A 'Fly Emirates' ball cap? Now that''s passive aggressive.

  3. I guess his days are numbered.

  4. Somebody got a job offer!

  5. Well he is a strapping lad with a pretty new girlfriend, it is good that he seems to have finally grown a pair. (Who knows it may help this relationship to work out.)

  6. Maybe David Orchard will take him back?

  7. Pretty blatant display of Mackay's feelings on the matter – reopened the whole question.after it had died down.

    Maybe the job offer is true and Mackay has quit kowtowing.

  8. Why doesn't the Defence Minister love the troops?

  9. So how long until some Liberal is hysterically demanding his resignation because some reporter overheard a private conversation?

  10. Do you think a call for his resignation is really necessary? This is stand back and watch the fireworks time.

  11. How long until QP? I'd say about five seconds after that starts. So, what, about two-and-a-half hours? Set your watch.

  12. No, I don't really think so. I don't think that'll stop the opposition though.

  13. I hope you're wrong, but I suspect you're right.

  14. It wasn't a private conversation; according to the story the presser in question was having a conversation with the two people in question before MacKay joined them and proceeded to raise the issue in the most flamboyant way possible short of wrapping himself in a UAE flag suit and having the House band play the country's anthem in the background.

    I'll let someone else decide if that warrants a resignation demand – and to be blunt there's more likely to quietly be one from his own caucus – but it definitely takes balls to publicly resurrect an issue that had fallen off the radar in such a manor and certainly plays to the impression that he's looking to move on.

  15. But if it's hysterical, I hope it's arms-flailing, crazy hysterical. If you're going to be hysterical, you might as well go whole-hog.

  16. And Harper and Mackay are winging their way to Lisbon, as we speak. He's not wearing the hat apparently. I figure his job is safe until after the conference.

  17. Agreed. I nominate Marlene "Mrs. Lovejoy" Jennings.

  18. Not as fast as Conservatives asked for the resignation of a former head of the Mint over a $1.29 receipt for a pack of gum for which they knew a reimbursement claim was never sought. And I don't anticipate commons committee inquisitions or journalists running around Ottawa in pursuit of anyone's daughter either.

    Come to think of it, I don't anticipate Canadian journalists will stalk MacKay's appartment to see who goes in and out, as was done to a former foreign affairs minister.

  19. Lesson: Never, ever say anything of interest around the media.

  20. I agree with him! Why the hell didn't we grant Emirates the flights they requested? More competition in the Canadian aviation market is that really such a bad thing? Flight costs are insane here.
    But no instead we're spending 300 million+ to evacuate the base and relocate. Not to mention the additional costs and strategic headaches having our main staging base in Germany or Cyrus will create. The closer you can have a staging base while still remaining safe and out of your enemies reach the better and cheaper it is, period!
    Not to mention allowing this and working with the UAE could have strengthened our relations considerably, instead the Harper government has severely damaged relations with yet another nation.

  21. Wouldn't want Canadians hearing the truth about their government. Those pesky tax payers and their questions…

  22. Apparently the people of Thompson don't have as good a lobby group as the people at Air Canada.

  23. Wouldn't it be TORIES calling for his resignation?

    Why would the opposition call for the resignation of someone who apparently AGREES WITH THEM that what went on with the UAE was idiotic, and should have been handled better. I'd have thought that McKay was more likely to get an ovation from the Liberals than catcalls!

  24. Marlboro Pete?

  25. The answer is – cha-ching!

  26. I suspect a call for resignation from the Opposition might be the only thing that could secure his job at this point.