Susan Delacourt profiles Justin Trudeau at 40.

To mark his 40th birthday, he got another tattoo: a Haida raven on his left shoulder. And in the coming few months, he intends to put a check mark beside a big item on his lifetime to-do list — going three rounds in the boxing ring. His opponent will be Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, a fit, 36-year-old who holds a second-degree black belt in karate and who reportedly told Trudeau he’d jump at the chance to clobber him in public.

“He’s a tough character. I’ve got my work cut out for me . . . I expect to get knocked down a few times,” Trudeau said. “But you know what? If there’s one thing I’ve shown over the course of my career and my life, I can take a punch.” Trudeau knows that Brazeau isn’t the only Conservative who would like to smack him around, and he gets some delight from this. “There’s something about me that makes them nutty,” he says, laughing.



  1. “There’s something about me that makes them nutty,” he says, laughing.

    Yes, his name. It terrifies them.

    • Dunno, never found “Justin” that terrifying myself.

      • Good heavens…is that a touch of humour I hear?

        Didn’t know you guys had it in you.  LOL

    • Apparently his beard scares them too.

    • My $ is on Patrick because he’s younger, bigger and has a  balck belt.

      And indeed he is pretty interesting – attempting to keep TWO taxpayer jobs at 100K+ at the same time, allegations of Board mis-spending, and falling behind on his child supprt.

      • Smears by AFN and former CAP members.  He is for abolishing the Indian Act, accountability from chiefs/councils of FN reserves and most important wants better representation for off-reserve FN.  CAP council didn’t like his cancelling their perks.  He was late with child support 3 times in 8 years – made a good story for the Star as he is a conservative.

        • Hey I tried to be evenhanded by leaving out the sexual harassment allegations! I have to admit I wondered why an apparent activist for the disadvantaged would want to work with Harper, then saw that there were corruption issues and nodded my head sagely. 

          • Might as well throw in his second hand Porche, lol

    • Does being a “more interesting character” actually help one in a boxing match?  If so, how did Lennox Lewis ever beat Mike Tyson?!?!?  LOL

  2. That’ll be fun. I’m gonna take WA’s advice: never bet on the white guy.

    Brazeau may start out with a determination to pound the liberal with the famous name, but i wonder if at at some point it wont morph into beat the crap out of the white guy. :)

    Good on JT for trying.But i hope he can box. If Brazeau’s as tough as half the native guys i’ve run into over the years JT might want to double his medical insurance.

    The match up i want to see is JT the “liberal catholic mauler” vs  JK the “christian conservative brawler” . I’d put my money on Trudeau cuz he’s a dancer but he’ll have to watch he doesn’t get badly cut up by JK’s blue chin in the clinches…er, and watch for the blows below the belt.

  3. He’s young to have a mid-life crisis – but the tatoo, weird facial hair and haircut, and exhibitionism are all a part of it aren’t they?  I suppose the red sports car is next.

    • Lots of people, young or on pension have tattoos.

      The ‘weird facial hair’ is called a beard….something men have been wearing for thousands of years.

      His haircut isn’t ‘weird’ either….nor has he been running around naked.

      Don’t you guys have malls in BC….or is it that you don’t get out much?

      • Emily is smitten.

        Quit beating up on her imaginary boyfriend.

        • How old are you anyway?
          This is schoolyard stuff.

    • At least I’m not paying for the travel costs of his stylist wherever he goes.

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