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‘Lying liars’


A new online ad from the NDP.


‘Lying liars’

  1. Well that was pointless.

    • Agree. Even worse than the previous liberal ads about big bad Harper. No one but a partisan is going to read all that, much less think about it. I guess i must be stupid, cuz i just got tired of reading [or trying to] after 2 or 3 cue cards[ big yawn in the bar guys].
      The music was sorta fun, though i was disappointed they didn’t end with a big cymbal clash.

  2. Love it…..they even highlighted the important words for slow readers….and the music makes it.

  3. It would have been more effective to photoshop the Government HoC benches filled with trained seals and then contrast Opposition Harper and PM Harper’s views on things like Omnibus bills. The soundtrack would have the seals barking enthusiastically despite the obvious hypocrisy, all to a background of circus music.

    The home run line at the end would be “Do you want a government made up of MP’s that speak up for their constituents, or barking seals that repeat only what the Ringmaster tells them to? Don’t be a trained seal. Speak up for your Canada and we’ll work together to get it right”

  4. the shaky signs are hard to read; it’s like being trapped in a dull powerpoint meeting during an earthquake. And putting up reams of text to read is hardly cutting edge use of modern visual technology.