Maclean’s on the Hill: Afghanistan, abortion and the Supreme Court

Highlights in another week on the Hill



Each week, the Maclean’s politics team and Cormac MacSweeney sit down to hash out the week’s news in Ottawa. Expect incisive analysis and commentary, as well as interviews with the biggest newsmakers of the last seven days. This week: The mission in Afghanistan is honoured, the politics of abortion return to Parliament Hill and the Harper government wrestles with the Supreme Court.


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Maclean’s on the Hill: Afghanistan, abortion and the Supreme Court

  1. This just another example of Stephen Harper believing his own publicity. The Conservatives are supported by roughly 27-28 percent of Canada’s eligible voters, but act as though they have an extremely strong mandate, and should be allowed to run roughshod over all competing interests in the country.

    His interest in shutting down all sources of public information other than his government, is becoming the largest source of problems for his government. He must keep doing it, however, or it would become even more apparent that the Conservatives really do not know how to run the country. Any one can balance a budget, all you have to do is stop spending. The secret to doing it correctly though, lies in deciding what to cut and what to keep or even give increased funding. At this, the Conservatives are complete failures.

    Mel Brundige

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