What now for Jim Flaherty … and other questions of the day

Our View from the Hill with bonus cameo by Stephen Gordon


John Geddes, Stephen Gordon, Nick Taylor-Vaisey, Paul Wells and Aaron Wherry consider the issues at play around Parliament Hill. This week’s questions? They’re (almost) all about the budget:

  • Does Finance Minister Jim Flaherty change directions with this week’s federal budget?
  • How will the government balance the budget by 2015?
  • How will this budget change Canada Day?
  • What is Mike Lazaridis up to?
  • How well will Jim Flaherty like what he reads in the papers today?

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What now for Jim Flaherty … and other questions of the day

  1. Passive aggressies unite! Oh, you did

  2. I wish that Jim Flaherty would run for the leadership of the Ontario Conservative. He has the background and experience to provide strong leadership. Under the present leadership in the Ontario legislature, it appears that the Liberals will continue to govern, partially as a result of the weak leadership of the opposition. That would be a disaster that will result in the strength of Ontario to continue to deteriorate as it has since the Conservatives were last in power. The Ontario Conservatives need strong leadership, and Jim Flaherty is the man who is capable of rebuilding the province of Ontario.

  3. He’ll have to stay where he is, unfortunately for Canadians. No body else would want him. Ontario conservatives? LOL Ontarians are smart.

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