Madame Paille goes for the Bloc


The briefly famous everyday Canadian casts her vote for the BQ.

“We are united, we are proud to be Quebeckers, we are proud of our language, and we can trust them to defend all of that in our name,” Ms. Paillé said in a speech at a campaign rally. “On May 2, please don’t vote for the NDP flavour of the day,” she said. “Don’t vote according to the polls, which can be used to say anything. Vote according to your basic common sense, for Quebec, and that is the Bloc Québécois.”


Madame Paille goes for the Bloc

  1. Man, Ignatieff really blew it when he mentioned that woman's name a dozen times or so in the French leader's debate, like some kind of annoying verbal tic.

    It's not surprising that this would come around and bite him in the ass. On the bright side, Madame Paille's Bloc support won't have much of an impact on the Liberal campaign, because Ignatieff's credibility in la belle province is already pretty much shot.

      • And in slow motion ; )

        • LOL, Claudia!

          • I am also going to miss my anti-wrinkle facials with MI during question period, I would stare at him closely and move my eye brows up and down at the same time as him, needless to say I am wrinkle free : )

          • You must have the strongest brow in North America! (Okay, second strongest.)

          • Lovely pic. Of course, you're no Crystal Pepsi, but none of us can realistically aspire to that lofty goal, we all have to live down here as mere mortals. (And thank the fates for that.)

          • (Let me be clear! That was intended to make fun of Ignatieff, which is great fun, and not of Claudia. Now that someone has downvoted it, I'm paranoid that my meaning might have been obscured by my unnecessarily baroque way of getting to the point.)

          • Oops I actually sent the wrong picture hahaha I have one playing with my eyebrows but I am in different computer now , sorry you must think how weird, I had a lot of tabs open.

            And I did get it : ) I thumbed you up

          • I was a bit confused, but I spend a lot of time like that, so no worries!

          • Oh God so do I!!

  2. The Bloc slogan is “vote with your heart.” I guess voting with your brain would lead you to vote for another party?…

    In any case, how does anything that Ms Paille says above address her question on debate night? Didn’t she ask something about jobs or the economy? Now she talks about language and proud of being Quebecer?.. How do her concerns raised on debate night reconcile with her decision to vote Bloc?

  3. Nous sommes trahis.

  4. Which way is Madame Vandertramp leaning?

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