Making a farce of Parliament -

Making a farce of Parliament


Between 2pm and 3pm this afternoon in the House, four Conservative MPs—Phil McColeman, Peter Kent, Kellie Leitch and Denis Lebel—combined to make nine references to a “carbon tax.” Mr. McColeman did so during a members’ statement. Mr. Kent did so in response to a friendly Conservative MP’s question about government efforts to clean up contaminated sits. Kellie Leitch did so twice in response to Liberal questions about employment insurance policy. Mr. Lebel did so twice in responding to NDP questions about airport fees.

John Baird also referred to cap-and-trade as a “tax” while responding to a friendly Conservative question about trade policy. (Michelle Rempel oddly failed to use the phrase “carbon tax,” but still accused the NDP of advocating for a “carbon pricing scheme.”)

Yesterday, six Conservative MPs managed to use the phrase “carbon tax.” The day before that it was another half dozen. With one mention yesterday and two today, Ms. Leitch has now used 10 separate interventions to reference the phrase, the most of any Conservative over the last 14 sitting days. With the additions of Messrs McColeman, Kent and Lebel, I count 60 Conservative MPs who have used the phrase at least once in the House.

Here again is the rough guide to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce. Presumably the Ottawa Citizen editorial board’s question of a few weeks ago still stands.


Making a farce of Parliament

  1. What a great investment Dr. Leitch’s medical education has been for the country.

    • Well at least we don’t have to listen to her drone on and on about how great Asbestos is for the Lungs.

    • Leitch may be a good surgeon, but in her political life she seems to be lacking in intellectual capability, and ethics (asbestos) while being all too willing to go along with the shenanigans in the House.

      • We need more good surgeons.

  2. Mark my words…Ms Rempel will pay for that missed opportunity. She will only be getting an unsigned Post card from the PM this xmas. And scrawled across the bottom will be the legend… NTR [no thinking required, just read the script damn it!]

    • God yeah, Harper needs to keep ‘carbon pricing scheme’ in case he needs it down the road.

    • She is planning to make up for it with a flourish…

      “Carbon tax, carbon tax, carbon tax – why is the opposition so obsessed with a job killing carbon tax Mr. Speaker? They know a carbon tax will kill growth. They know a carbon tax will endanger Canada’s Long Term Prosperity. Yet they continue. When will they realize there are more important issues to be dealt with?”

  3. Maybe the deep thinkers in the PMO are just conducting an experiment, sort of a test, to see if constant repetition of a lie can make a lie into the truth. How long does it actually take to make this work when not using TV ads. When will the average person begin to think the cap and trade/carbon tax is a NDP idea which the Conservatives have always opposed.
    They’ve already run many experiments using lies on TV ads. Of course they work, but do take some repetition.

    • Read up on the connections between Harper’s political formation at U of Calgary and the political theory of Strauss, particularly with regard to the idea that lies from the political elites to the electorate can be virtuous. It’s not an experiment, it’s business as usual

      • You’re over my head on Strauss. I was thinking more of an experiment on how long it takes to turn it 180 degrees using only the House and media sycophants.

  4. My oh my, Scheer is nothing but a eunuch

    What a surprise!

    • I think eunuchs have a spine. Jellyfish maybe?

      • Jellyfish have a stinger. I’m thinking slime mold….

  5. What we really need now is a graphic that illustrates the biggest carbon tax emitters and a pool to pick who will win the Biggest Gasbag sweepstakes. Never rule out Jason Kenney.

    The CPC already has this app running as part of their internal “Frequent Mentions” reward program, but it’s still in beta testing.

  6. Time for individual Wordles for MP speeches Mr Wherry?