Mark Carney and the Liberals -

Mark Carney and the Liberals


The Globe details attempts to woo the bank governor.

Dozens of interviews over the past few weeks provide clearer evidence of the effort to convince the man who’s been called the “outstanding central banker of his generation” that he had a shot at winning the Prime Minister’s Office.

Speaking to The Globe this week, Mr. Carney refused to go into details about the conversations, or explain why he didn’t immediately shut down the campaign as a non-partisan public servant working under a Conservative government. He insisted, however, that he never actively sought the job or reached out to Liberals. “I never made an outgoing phone call,” Mr. Carney said. “I never encouraged anybody to do anything.”

There is also the matter of a stay at Scott Brison’s house.

Mr. Brison, one of the party members who’s been identified as expressing interest in seeing Mr. Carney helm the Liberal Party, declined to speak about hosting the central banker and his family – or what was discussed during the stayover. “Cheverie is our home and private space, not something I really discuss,” he wrote in an e-mailed response.

Mr. Carney declined to discuss his family’s stay with Mr. Brison, a politician he’s known since the central banker was a senior bureaucrat in the Finance Department and the Liberal was public works minister. “I’m not talking about my personal life when I’m on a private vacation; full stop. So I’m not going to entertain your question.”

Stephen Gordon, Mike Moffatt and others are concerned.


Mark Carney and the Liberals

  1. Nothing to be concerned about….there is the IMF/WorldBank after England. Lots of room yet.

    He doesn’t need the mud wrassle that is the HOC.

  2. Although I tend to raise my eyebrows a bit skeptically at a lot of what Mr. Gordon says, he has the the advanced degree in the area he tends to write about so I give him a lot of benefit of doubt.

    But that email was a faceplant, pure and simple. If his opinion mattered on the topic, he’d owe Mr. Carney an apology.

  3. Do economists actually have a code of ethics? News to me.

  4. Hey, what’s the chance that Carney was one of the three Liberal leadership candidates that Moffatt offered to consult with, while at the same time as presenting himself as a rep of the Ivey Biz School, and critiquing/praising said Lib candidate policy on Globe and Mail’s Economy Lab ?

    The Deal I am Making with LPC Leadership Candidates

    I have already discussed this “deal” with members of the leadership teams of three of the candidates. In the interest of fairness and disclosure, I will open this deal up to all.

    I am happy to meet with leadership candidates and/or their teams, if they wish to bounce policy ideas off of me. All proposals they make will be held in confidence. Think of it as a way to beta test policies before they are floated in the media. I will be happy to let you know which policies make sense, which policies need work and which policies will get you mercilessly mocked by Gordon, Milligan, et. al.

    Yeah, someone we should listen to on such matters.

  5. So … when we were given all the nudges that the Liberals were
    comin’ a’courtin’ we were to assume it was through mental telepathy ?
    And that the movers and shakers of O Canada never ever see and
    talk to each other ?
    And that Sir Brison of Bay St. would not be snuffling in the background
    somewhere … I don’t care where he lives .. it’s always been apparent
    where his heart is.