Mark Carney's visit to Scott Brison's vacation home -

Mark Carney’s visit to Scott Brison’s vacation home

A statement from the Bank of Canada


A statement from Jeremy Harrison, a spokesman for the Bank of Canada, on the governor’s visit to the home of a Liberal MP this past summer.

“During their summer vacation, the Governor and his family travelled around Nova Scotia. The Carney family spent a portion of their time staying at Scott Brison’s Cheverie vacation home. Mr. Brison and Governor Carney are personal friends, and have been so for about a decade. The visit was part of the Governor’s and his family’s personal vacation time. The Bank of Canada’s General Counsel, who is responsible for enforcing the Bank’s Conflict of Interest policy, has assessed that this visit does not breach the Bank’s Conflict of Interest guidelines in any way. Neither the Bank of Canada, nor Governor Carney, have an actual or potential commercial or business relationship with Mr. Brison. Mr. Carney’s acceptance of hospitality provided by a personal friend does not arise out of ‘activities associated with official Bank duties’. Nor can it be defined as partisan or political activity.”


Mark Carney’s visit to Scott Brison’s vacation home

  1. I want to know why a campaign is deliberately being run to blacken a man’s reputation.

    Because this is rubbish, and everyone knows it.

    And as such, it’s highly suspicious.

    • As i speculated on SG’s blog…who do we know who specializes in this sort of thing…who do we know [ weird as it seems] might have an interest in not wanting MC to run in 2018? If i had put out this theory pre 06 they would have locked me up…not now. Maybe i can get a gig at the GM eh.

      • The MO is certainly the same. Big fingerprints all over it!

        The question is why.

        Not wanting MC to run? Is he more of a threat than Justin or Garneau? Or is it revenge? Going off to run the Queen’s finances and apparently without much prior notice? Did he get too much credit for ‘saving’ Canada….or is he leaving due to disagreements?

        I dunno…..but this ‘leadership attack’ is the lamest one I’ve ever seen.

      • Actually, I think the Cons may have been sabotaging the 2076 Election when it is expected that Carney`s grandson Wilfred will be the leader of the newly-formed Liberal-NDP coalition.
        You may be projecting a bit much.

        • Actually i said i thought it much more likely just media having what it calls fun [in my post to SG]
          I find it very difficult to imagine even the Harper crowd trying to nobble Carney 6 years and one election into the future…but i wouldn’t put it completely beyond them, based on past evidence.

    • Personally, I don’t think it’s an organized campaign as much as it is a bunch of conservative booster economists suddenly realizing they may have been admiring a guy who leans Liberal. Now they feel all icky and are looking for ways to rationalize it without having to admit that they’re simply partisan hacks.

      • ‘Icky’? LOL

        Well I can see all kinds of reasons, considering the things they’ve done….. why a Con would feel icky….but this is just absurd.

        It’s like someone seeing MC years ago wearing a orange touque, and then claiming that proves something or other.

        I don’t know that it has to be an ‘organized’ campaign….Conbots just tend to repeat whatever they think comes out of HQ….so they ‘speak as one’ whether they intended to or not.

        This seems to have come from the G&M…and everybody, well Cons anyway, picked up on it.

        It’s this petty/parochial/provincial/highschool/small-town attitude that drives me nutz about Canada….and why we lose so many good people to a larger stage and a higher level.

        • Cons started it. Somewhere along the line I saw that Jane Taber was involved in writing the stuff up. Nuff said there. Get the Liberals. Justin must be seen as quite the threat.

    • It started with an article in NatPo by Andrew Coyne, really negative about Carney’s appointment to Bk of England; and he was there casting aspersions on Carney entertaining thoughts about going for leader of the LPC; seemed incensed for some reason, and I couldn’t see why he’d tie in Carney’s appointment to England with his being considered by the LPC for leader. Then this story came out, questioning his impartiality as Gov of Bank of Canada, and again – smearing the LPC as much as possible. I smell a rat somewhere.

      • Well I was never a fan of Carney….I would have preferred the appt go elsewhere….but he’s been harmless enough. He hasn’t actually done anything….in fact he’s most known for NOT doing anything. He’s carried on the anti-inflation position and not raised interest rates. Oh, and he’s warned about mortgages a few times. Otherwise, he’s young, conventionally handsome, and has been more open and explanatory than any previous BOC governor….instead of hiding out in the depths of Ottawa like some Canadian version of the ‘gnomes of Zurich’

        So maybe someone thought he’d make a viable leader and asked him about it…or offered to support him.


        He didn’t accept. We don’t even know that he had the slightest interest in the whole idea.

        Canadians may think well of their leaders positions…..but in a global world, they are small potatoes indeed….and some people would regard the whole idea of being involved with local politics with horror. LOL

        Low pay, constant abuse, 24/7/365…the mud wrassle in QP alone is enough to put off rational people!

        So he’s off to England….and if I was him I woudn’t bother coming back. Who needs this kind of petty hassle?

        Andrew Coynes father, James, was once the governor of the BOC, and got into a fight with PM Diefenbaker. Huge scandal at the time.

        I thought for that reason Andrew Coyne would have stayed out of this, because anything he says one way or another would be seen as suspect, having ulterior motives etc.

  2. Brison is the Liberal finance critic. Of course there is a conflict of interest.

    • Did you know Mr. Carney has also gone on trips with Jim Flaherty? The *sitting* finance minister? It’s true, they’ve flown on the same plane together, even!

      It’s really not that difficult for a person with even modest scruples to separate their work from the rest of their lives. I’m not going to speculate on why you don’t seem to be aware of that.

      • Liberals have to remind themselves that they are not the government.

        Flaherty is the Minister of Finance and it would be expected that he and Carney speak regularly on confidential matters.

        Brison is a critic of his for the Third Party.

        It would be normal practice for the Bank Governor to attend global meetings and to consult with the sitting Minister of Finance.

        If the Governor is a friend of the opposition party`s finance critic, then he should be more careful then to spend week-ends with him while his name is being tossed about as a possible candidate in an ongoing LPC leadership race.

        • Why? Are you arguing that Carney has no scruples and cannot separate his work duties from his personal life?

          • He used bad judgement . He shouldn’t have been there!!

          • I expect Carney has tons of scruples and as I said earlier, he has the right to visit his friend when he chooses—but maybe not in the middle of a leadership campaign when he is being pressured to enter—when he is contemplating a job switch.
            Public servants are allowed a personal life, however there has always been an understanding and distance between them and politicians.

        • It’s not the Liberals that have a problem, it’s the people who can’t figure out that this is a media-CPC-driven story.

          • You mean a dark right wing conspiracy!

      • Great Liberal spin and rationalization! It really is a orchestrated right wing conspiracy! LOL

        • Wow, you’re just a master at detecting sarcasm.

  3. It’s not exactly hard to get an invitation to Mr. Brison’s home – hell, I’ve been there, and I have about as much political influence or direct involvement as my pet cat. Guests, friends, well-wishers, and neighbours have always been welcomed there with open arms. I don’t see this as an issue.

  4. Hey, look at that, a reasonable perspective on this.

    It’s a shame some journalist can not show the same perspective.

  5. What’s up with the Stephen Gordon piece – besides being hysterical? Looks like some pretty selective editing, a banning (Dot) and now comments shut off. Why does he have to be protected from criticism?

    • I expect because he’s thin skinned and doesn’t like criticism when there’s no good response.

      The comment of mine which was deleted pointed out that if there were no questions about Carney’s work before, then how can there be any questions now except by partisan shills. And of course how, given Gordon’s previous article where Harper being forced to step away from cratering our economy means that he was an okay manager of it, that question is answered.

      Can you imagine how many articles would be locked around here if Wherry was similarly thin skinned about people questioning the reasons he posted something?

      • Somebody took a gut-punch to their credibility this weekend, and it was NOT Carney.

  6. I don’t personally see an issue with Carney staying at Brison’s home on a vacation. However if that somehow turned into a courtship ritual by the Liberals then I do have an issue with that. Of course we don’t really know what did or did not happen because all we got were rumours about Carney possibly running for the Liberals…Clearly some media did know about this politication at Brison’s but none were reporting about it. Somehow I don’t see Carney getting the same media immunity from the British media.

  7. Once, a long time ago, a local riding association asked if i would consider running as a candidate. I had no interest in doing so, but the bit of positive attention it generated was lovely. A few phone calls and a nice lunch, even after I had said no. Sounds like this is what happened to Mr. Carney.