Maverick Watch: PEI edition -

Maverick Watch: PEI edition

When party discipline transcends federal-provincial distinctions


A Progressive Conservative MLA in Prince Edward Island has crossed the floor to the Liberals… because of his disagreement with federal Conservative policy.

As a member of the Liberal caucus, he feels he can now finally speak out against the Harper government’s EI reforms, he said. “Now I have the freedom to speak out for the people of my area.”

Apparently this is the first floor-crossing in PEI history.


Maverick Watch: PEI edition

  1. conservative and ndp support is collapsing in Atlantic Canada.

    • . . . and the Liberals will ride the Pogey Express to victory! Just like in the good old days!

      • And still generate surpluses.

  2. nice work

  3. From my calculations it looks like we just need 5 more disillusioned Con MPs to see the light and cross the floor. People should be lobbying their Con MPs to see where they stand and to let them know you would support them to do the right thing and set out of the Con House of Shame. Then we can get the criminals out of Gov’t and let either of the 2 parties next in line show us once again how good Gov’t works. Sorry Greens but you’re just not there yet.

    • Brilliant piece of logic.
      But do check the calibration of your calculator.
      I`m not sure how 1 shunned Progressive Conservative MLA on PEI switching to a Provincial Liberal Party can effect the status of a Federal Conservative government. and if this were to happen 5 more times then the 34 Liberal Members would then overcome the 166 Conservative MP`s, but your twisted logic has found a fine place to reside.

      • Yes, my bad. I read MP instead of MLA. Doesn’t change the fact that IF six more Con MPs were to cross the floor of the House it would be possible to bring down the most destructive and mismanaged Gov’t Canada has ever had.

    • MLAs. MPs. Two different animals. I’m sure you’re knowledgeable in other areas though.

  4. Not too bright that boy.
    EI is federal, and Hal crosses floor for PEI Libs who are cousins to the rump party in Ottawa.

  5. Didn’t Bricker and Ibbitson write a book about this? It is all unfolding exactly as they predicted it would in The Big Shift…