Through a spokesman, Maxime Bernier kind of sort of says something that might be considered a mild indication of some kind of dissent.

“While Minister Bernier would have preferred that the candidate chosen for the position of auditor general was already bilingual, the minister has complete confidence that Mr. Ferguson will respect his engagement to learn French this year,” said Bernier’s spokesman, Scott French, in a statement sent to Postmedia News.



  1. I don’t know whether that’s dissent or just the bare minimum he could say without losing further credibility with Quebecers.

  2. The trouble with Max is that he can never remember what party he’s in.

    • You say that like its a bad thing, but I don’t think it is.

    • And passable French isn’t enough for what he needs.  He will have to rely on others speaking English. 

  3. I wish at least one of these uni-lingual politicians would deliver on their promise to learn the other official language in X amount of time so that we can stop hearing these complaints that bilingualism laws are discriminatory. 

    So good luck then, Mr. Fergusson. Precedent is not in your favour.

  4. In this new era of flexibility,  Bernier has now changed his position to having complete confidence that Mr.Ferguson will learn French. 

  5. I’m sure Mr. Ferguson is sincere in his promise to learn French this year, but I think I’d have more confidence in the likelihood of him fulfilling that commitment if he didn’t just spend 6 years of his life as the AG of an officially bilingual province without ever learning French.

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