May: Bring on the coalition!*


*Elizabeth May was the first party leader to call for a Liberal-NDP coalition. See below.

After losing, Elizabeth May drove the five minutes to Peter Mackay and congratulated him. Then, the lady who served pie while other party leaders scoured for votes marched into her campaign hall behind two bagpipers tooting variations of ‘Scotland The Brave’ as a gaggle of photographers tripped over themselves to get her picture. It was a bizarre scene, a happy-go-lucky funeral march, and it underscored the bittersweet nature of the thing: Never in the history of the Green Party of Canada have people cared so much about a Green candidate losing.

After her concession speech, in which she vowed to stay put and take on Mackay once again, there was a bit of nuance in the press room. “If a by-election opens up in the country I’m going to win a seat there,” she told reporters. “But I’ll run in my riding in the next general election.”

To her supporters, this is May’s maddening contradiction: She is nuanced enough to suggest voters vote for a party other than the Greens if it means keeping the Conservatives out, yet won’t take this very sage advice to heart herself. It’s going to cause her problems in the immediate future.

She also called for a Liberal-NDP coalition government if it is in the electoral cards. It’s a novel thought, but it’ll be tough, given Jack Layton’s ego, as well as the large number of knives stuck between Stephane Dion’s shoulderblades.


May: Bring on the coalition!*

  1. Elizabeth May is done as Green leader. David Chernushenko will be a real leader for the party, not a gimmick in bed with the Liberals.

  2. I’m surprise she didn’t name it “Global Warming for Canadians* ”

    *No, I didn’t call Canadians “dummies”. I said “not dummies”.

  3. Sadly for them, 74 + 50 is 124, which is less than 144.

    Maybe they can add the Bloc. Ad-hoc rainbow coalition!

  4. Yep, the chance for a coalition was in september. That ship has sailed, altho Layton looked less than inspired by his meagre winnings tonight. Of course Dion was labelled as the big loser, but Layton’s “make me Prime Minister!” rally cry ended up being a punch line, apparently.

  5. Ms. May’s new book title “Global Warming for Dummies”, seems to reflect her generally condescending attitude toward Canadians.

    Maybe there should be another self-help book written, “Federal Politics for Militant Idealogues”. This could contain some nuggets like “encourage people to vote for YOUR party.”, and “resist the impulse to believe you are somehow ordained to succeed.”

  6. “If a by-election opens up in the country I’m going to win a seat there,” she told reporters. “But I’ll run in my riding in the next general election.”

    May has no political sense at all, she’s tone deaf. Who would vote for her in a by-election if they know she’s off to another riding when a general election is called? She certainly is an optimist, I’ll give her that, but she needs to think things through a bit before talking about them in public.

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