May challenges Conservative MPs to a quiz


The Green MP is inviting to take part in a C-38 quiz tomorrow morning.

On Tuesday morning, June 19, from 10 am –12 pm, Room 263-S in Centre Block will become an examination room.   Any Conservative MP willing to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the content of Bill C-38 will be given a short written quiz.   A clean copy of the bill will be available to them for reference.

Any MP who receives a passing grade will have a tree planted in the location of his or her choice. “This is an open-book, multiple-choice quiz,” explained May.  “I do not expect MPs to have memorized the bill, but, if they are not familiar with the legislation, they will find it difficult to achieve a good score.


May challenges Conservative MPs to a quiz

  1. All the green pies have been removed in advance. Try history. Or geography for second place.

  2. Shouldn’t the prize rather be the chopping down of a tree and putting up a commemorative plaque with CPC MP’s name on it? I suspect that would be a greater temptation for them to show up.

  3. Patchouli’s fearless prediction: Room 263-S in Centre Block will be devoid of Conservative MPs from 10 am to 2 pm tomorrow.

  4. Why am I hearing crickets???

    Oh, yes… the sound of all those CPC MPs not showing up…

  5. Sometimes I think these stunts are stupid and pointless. This is not one of those times.

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