Maybe it really is a race? -

Maybe it really is a race?


A new Forum Research poll finds results in Calgary Centre similar those reported a week ago.

A poll released Sunday by Forum Research in Calgary Centre found 35 per cent in the riding plan to vote for Ms. Crockatt, while Liberal Harvey Locke had 30-per-cent support, the Green Party’s Chris Turner, 25 per cent, and the NDP’s Dan Meades, 8 per cent. Those numbers have not changed, given the margin of error of five percentage points, since a similar poll for a week ago. But it’s a 13-point drop for Ms. Crockatt, who stood at 48-per-cent support in a similar poll conducted a few weeks earlier.


Maybe it really is a race?

  1. Nobody is safe in a by-election

  2. While the CPC candidate is doing her darndest to make it one, at the end of the day, she’s the candidate who will get the conservative vote, and the rest of them will split the opposition. FPTP wins.