Meanwhile, at committee... -

Meanwhile, at committee…


A Foreign Affairs official directs blame at the military leadership.

Cory Anderson, a diplomat with three years’ experience on the Afghan file, told a Commons committee today the May, 2007, revamp of Canada’s detainee transfer agreement with Afghanistan was instrumental in improving the ability to track and monitor detainees transferred by Canadian soldiers.

But he went on to criticize the military for repeatedly declining to use close connections to Afghanistan’s intelligence service to make it easier for diplomats to conduct inspections that ensure transferred prisoners aren’t tortured. Mr. Anderson said the revamped May, 2007, agreement resulted in a two-tier system that left Foreign Affairs to fend for itself in monitoring.

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Meanwhile, at committee…

  1. Why does Cory Anderson hate our troops?

    • Bless your heart…

  2. Cue the "Hates the Troops" talking point in 5, 4, 3…

  3. Hmmm, attack the army. Yep, that worked so well for Senator McCarthy.

    • He attacked Hillier et al, not the military. It's okay to attack Hillier. He's not a saint.

  4. Wasn't it Hillier who signed the detainee agreement with the Afghan gov. on behalf of this country?

  5. Wasn't it Hillier who thinks all Afghans / Muslims are "scumbags"?
    Or did he cast his net wider and include anyone the Canadian Forces are supposed to be war-ing / police actioning / peace keeping with / for?