Meanwhile, at the grownups' table ... -

Meanwhile, at the grownups’ table …


The PM’s press secretary sicced the RCMP on a CTV News crew, although Kory Teneycke did apologize for that as soon as he found out. (Hi, Kory! Having fun? Any chance you’ll be heading back to Ottawa for a little broomsweeping at the Little Shop of Tories?)


Meanwhile, at the grownups’ table …

  1. When Andrew Coyne AND Bob Fife are tearing into the Conservatives, it’s definitely been a very bad week in Harperland. Any word on whether the Taliban has been further “emboldened” by the PM’s timetable for withdrawal?

  2. Is that the same Bob Fife that sat next to the PM in the breakfast briefing a couple of days ago? You know, when Wells panned up from his half eaten muffin to reveal the two sitting and chatting amicably.

    Well, at least he didn’t get tasered (though if Zaccardelli were still on duty…)

  3. Eek. If that gets national play it could be damaging…

  4. Wow! Another great show of “leadership” from Mr. Harper. Shouldn’t an effective leader have followers who don’t manage to screw up at every turn. It has been less than a week and we have insults against a grieving father, images of defication against rivals, copyright infringement, and politically motivated misuse of the services of the RCMP! But much like Cadman, Bernier and the In and Out Scandal I’m sure that none of this is Harper’s fault- in fact it is everybody but him who is to blame. At a minimum shouldn’t he have some clue as to what is going on on his watch? Isn’t taking responsability part of leadership? And wouldn’t a good leader have the ability to instill some common sense (not to mention common decency) in those who follow him?

  5. I don’t think Harper can be directly blamed for this — it’s unlikely he had any cause in it.

    However, it does speak to the tone he’s set – one of secrecy and tightly controlled messaging. I get the feeling many folks in his campaign are deathly afraid of making a mistake… to the extent that they end up making mistakes.

  6. Poor Big Daddy, this just doesn’t seem to be his day does it.

  7. Scott: I’m pretty sure Harper can’t be directly blamed for this either. On the other hand Ryan’s point about who takes responsibility for it is still a valid one.

    More importantly though, what steps will be taken to make sure things like this don’t happen in future. And by future, I mean for longer than just the time between now and October 14th.

  8. @JS Rothwell

    Please name a day in this campaing that’s been good for Big Daddy.

  9. I guess he’ll not be having breakfast with reporters no more. Who is running this campaign? Anybody?

  10. Dont say that too loud Torontonian or Big Daddy might hear you. And well all knows what happens to people when Big Daddy gets mad

  11. UPDATE: CTV’s web video now has two pieces from Mr. Fife. The first to play is Fife absolving Harper himself for the RCMP flack, putting the blame firmly on Carolyn Stewart-Olsen. He then says that Kory Teneyke, upon hearing of this incident, assured Fife it wouldn’t happen again. Teneyke is quoted as saying, “wait for the speech”. Harper then made reassuring remarks about Mr. Sparrow’s dismissal and his commitment to keep a civil tone in the campaign. (Insert chortle here.)

    Of course, Bob still didn’t get to ask any questions. (Head scratch.)

    The next video that plays is from earlier in the afternoon, with a very peeved Mr. Fife calling into the studio (on air) as the RCMP were denying him access to the PM.

    Mr. Fife often lauds the PMO. Then he breaks a story that they don’t like (Sparrow) and he protests the PMO’s controlling ways. But once his access is restored, all is well again? Does he really think that Harper is unaware of what his communication and campaign teams are up to? Their “war room” has been in high gear for months — has Harper been on vacation?

    Very confusing fellow, this Fife. One minute a champion of free press, the next an apologist for a controlling PM … who’s no longer in control.

  12. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the week the analysis according to the columnists will be that Dion had a terrible start. That along with claiming the campaign is boring. It’s depressing.

  13. Hello police state – looks like the RCMp ARE IN CAHOOTS with the CPC – disgusting and evil beyond words

  14. I’ve been combing every single one of the blogs on this site, and I have yet to find a note from Blues Chair (that’s right, isn’t it?) that this is all just part and parcel of Stephen Harper’s chessmaster-like strategy. Won’t someone PLEASE remind us about CHESS?

  15. cwe, I think I have it.. Harper is worried that if Canadian’s start to think he’ll get a majority, they’ll react in their customary “Screw that!” style and he’ll lose. So he’s intentionally setting up a series of gaffes to lower his support so as to keep Canadians from getting worried.

    See? It all makes sense.

  16. Looks like Bob Fife is campaigning to restore his credibility.