Meanwhile, in overseas bathroom news


After some consternation over the meaning and purpose of the Prime Minister’s visit to the Brazilian foreign minister’s bathroom, we have now the following official clarification.

“That’s absolutely incorrect. It never happened,” Carlos de Abreu said. “There was good chemistry between both delegations.” He said Harper went to the bathroom for “regular reasons.” “It is something that every human being has to do every now and then. Nobody would have negotiated that (whether to have toasts before or after.)”


Meanwhile, in overseas bathroom news

  1. Does Harper have medical condition with stomach/intestines or is this our puerile msm in action? 

    What is with all the Harper/bathroom stories over the years? 

    • Wait, is the Brazilian media part of the MSM?  I don’t know who owns the outlet that reported this bathroom movement.

  2. Nobody would have negotiated that (whether to have toasts before or after) unless they were petty and petulant.


  3. Really Wherry! Enough of this crap!

    • I see what you did there.

      • I suspect this was option number two.

        • Bravo.

          [slow clap]


  4. Ask OE1.  She may have useful insight into the long running “Destroy S. Harper” campaign.

  5. Useful tip: You can tell how deranged a left-winger or journalist is by whether they believe this absurd “bathroom tantrum” story.

    • I agree.  Even us more reasonable Harper-bashers think he just retreated to mull over new inspiration on how to avoid talking to media back home.

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