Meanwhile, in Peterborough -

Meanwhile, in Peterborough


In response to the latest report about investigations into his campaign, Dean Del Mastro declines to comment, except to say that the comments distributed by his office were actually the comments of the Prime Minister’s Office, but also that they are his comments.

Del Mastro later admitted the release from his office was based on talking points put together by the PMO. “They’re my statements,” Del Mastro later said. “I did not write them. I agree with them.”


Meanwhile, in Peterborough

  1. Any time del asstro opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it.

  2. “I’m a puppet! La la la…!”

  3. The phrase ‘brick wall’ springs to mind.

  4. “Those ventriloquists in the PMO are putting words in my mouth”.

    • “And I like it!!!”

  5. Every basket has a few bad apples. I’m left to wonder where the good apples are in this particular basket. Maybe Brent Rathgeber? Any other good apple candidates?

    • More a matter if which one is less rotten.