Meanwhile, in the House foyer... -

Meanwhile, in the House foyer…


Jack Layton sounds a bit like a 16-year-old who just got dumped by his girlfriend.

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Meanwhile, in the House foyer…

  1. Personally, I have thought all the oppo leaders have sounded like they were dating Harper, but they caught him cheating on them, since the Coalition first appeared. All of them having been talking about ‘trust’, not the same person I once knew, I will never trust him again … etc. They all seemed remarkably naive, since when do pols trust pols in other parties? It’s everyone for themselves when it comes to politics, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy following it.

  2. I don’t give him a day over 13.

  3. Well said!

    • Isn’t it illegal now to write, even speculatively and obliquely, about the sex lives of imaginary 16-year-olds?

  4. Hey Aaron : What’s worse is that he got dumped before he could even get to second base! The real question then obviously becomes what does his caucus think (very subtle attempt at humour) because there is this affliction where the male dangly bits can actually turn blue! (I almost impressed myself with this one) – this then leads to an unintended consequence, as always. The question remains whose next is Mulcair interested in stepping up and sharpening his political ginzo knives?

  5. Jack resignation watch has now officially started.

  6. Mulcair was the last to stand up, first to sit down and perfunctorily put his hands together a couple of times.

    He knew he would never be Premier of Québec and would have a hard time becoming leader of the federal LIberals so he made the jump to the Dippers and now sees his shot.

    • Obviously I was referring to Mr. Mulcair in the House today during QP.

  7. Just go jack, it is time to move on….the thing is we will remember Ignatieff and Harper…Gee, even Duccepe but not you….

  8. Shouldn’t he be holding a press conference in a potato patch somewhere in Riverdale? I believe that is the established protocol.