UPDATED: Meanwhile, in Welland….


UPDATE: John Geddes checked and the Tories will not threaten the hookah-pipe tobacco market.

…Stephen Harper vows to crack down on banana split flavoured tobacco.


UPDATED: Meanwhile, in Welland….

  1. It takes a strong leader to come out against candy cigarettes. Is that Diane Finley’s riding, btw? I wonder if the locals are going to rabblerouse about aid for tobacco farmers trying to leave the industry — I know that was a huge issue earlier this year.

  2. No, Finley’s riding is adjacent to Welland. Welland is a Liberal riding that the Conservatives & NDP have been targeting.

  3. I’ve had the teevee on while working an noticed something odd-seeming.

    The CBC covered the Liberal and NDP announcements perfunctorily, cutting the party leaders off in mid-sentence.

    Then they switched to Stephen Harper, who talked at length about the topic you cover here, Kady. A scrum followed, during which reporters played directly into CPoC talking points. Softball stuff with no follow-up on contentious Harper statements, even those that contradicted his own past positions. This all lasted at many times longer than coverage of the opposition.

    I thought all of you in the MSM were left-leaning apologists for the Liberals and NDP.

  4. Seeing the product pictutred this is clearly another example of rampant Islamaphobia. when will Macleans stop ;->

  5. Mike, only my closest friends get to call me Kady.

  6. Kady (I mean Paul):

    Yikes! Sorry. It’s those flavoured cigarettes I’ve been smoking.

  7. TEEVEE for me has reached intolerable levels besides of endless /and mostly stupid / ADs the AMAZING HARPER seems to be on All the Time at lengths and repeatedly while all opposition leaders seems to have abandoned the campaign…… no sign of what/ where they are saying anything .
    This is Absurd Outrageous and Not Funny at all .

  8. “Welland is a Liberal riding that the Conservatives…have been targeting.”

    Oh well this will put them over the top.

  9. Genuine question for tobacco users: is candy-flavoured tobacco manufactured for any other end use except hookahs? Is it perhaps manufactured for hookahs but used for chaw, or in roll-up cigs, or something? I’m flying blind here.

  10. Is that what this was about, attacking hookah tobacco? As appealing to children? Give me a break!

    FWIW, I’ve never heard of candy-flavoured loose tobacco or chewing tobacco. Perhaps snuff?

  11. Bigcitylib, your link is about advertising. This is about Middle Eastern tobacco-smoking.

    If you’ve never tried hookah tobacco, you should. It doesn’t have the taste of a cigarette so it doesn’t really lead you down the path of unrighteousness in terms of psychological addiction (and it takes a couple weeks for the physical addiction to kick in) – i.e. you can do it as a one-off at a hookah-equipped cafe/restaurant. And it’s tasty (=flavoured, though I would avoid the banana split flavour)! Also potent, since you can take a huge hit of the cooled smoke without your lungs protesting. If you’re not a smoker, a couple of hits will give you quite a buzz.

  12. In North Van for example, there is a sizeable Iranian community (est.20,000) and there are several Persian restaurants where hookah smoking rooms are often the centre of socializing. We even have a new 2″ thick Iranian telephone book. It is a very active community which seems to make efforts to intertwine with the larger community, maybe more so than other immigrant groups.

  13. Wells I did not no you smoked blunts?

    Please keep up the fight on this, every kidd should be able to smoke there weed without having to by a century sam or a phillie.

    Plus my little conveniace store by my house does well selling these to the school kids across the street.

  14. Maybe some of you should read Warren Kinsella’s response to this…or spend time with some kids with cancer.This IS a huge problem,and it WILL get votes.

  15. Sammy, where did I assert it’s not a problem or that this policy won’t get votes?

  16. P.Wells says

    “Sammy, where did I assert it’s not a problem or that this policy won’t get votes?”

    I think by making fun of this policy. Instead of actualy talking about it’s merits good or bad, But hey who cares. As long as you can get a wise crack in…

  17. JK, where did I make fun of the policy? The 14 words in the blog post were drawn, verbatim, from the prime minister’s news conference.

  18. Jack Mitchell, how long does this buzz you speak of last?

  19. Not very long, Raging Ranter, in terms of non-smokers getting a big nicotine rush – I dunno, 5 minutes? 10? If that. But it’s a much more pleasant way to smoke tobacco, for smokers, than cigarettes.

    “Kids with Cancer” – right. This is a completely invented issue. I absolutely guarantee you kids are not getting lung cancer from the occasional under-the-counter cigarillo. Though I suppose it couldn’t hurt to sell them in larger quantities.

  20. I do think it’d be fair, Jack, to talk about “kids on the way to getting cancer later.”

  21. Sure, the problem there is under-the-counter single cigarettes, I believe, which is a law enforcement issue. I believe the penalties for selling to kids are already enough to make people turn pale.

  22. Sorry, “Sure, but the problem there …”

  23. Just noticed the update & link to Geddes’ post. Guess I can calm down. Hmm, now what’s the best way to calm down again?

  24. Go through a cancer ward you condesending pricks

  25. Yeah, bite me, Cancer Survivor.

  26. Today’s out-of-touch elitist leftist media:

    where cartoon birds are serious news (“overshadowing” everything in the past week!!),

    and the serious issue of stopping children from smoking are mocked and cartoonized.

  27. Paul,

    trying to skulk away from this post by denying its clear mocking of the policy (or did that picture – worth a thousand words – just accidentally appear in the post??),

    after you’ve been called on it (even Warren K. noticed it),

    is bad form, to say the least.

  28. I agree you’ve got plausible deniability Paul; letting you’re readers figure out what you’re implying/alluding to without being too vague is half a good blogger’s fun.

    But suck it up or admit you didn’t even understand the announcement.

  29. Mocking a policy announcement designed to make it harder for kids to smoke (a plan endorsed by the Canadian Lung association I might add), and telling a cancer survivor to “bite me”.

    Stay classy libs. No wonder you’re losing.

  30. I’m not a lib, nastyboy. The poster before me called me a prick.

    This ridiculous announcement doesn’t make it any harder for kids to smoke. Contrary to common wisdom, kids are not stupid, they simply don’t care about death. (Enough of them smoke foul old real cigarettes, I might add; this “kids love candy!” thing is completely beside the point.)

    IMHO, we need a real anti-smoking advertising campaign targeted at preteens & teenagers which talks to them about smoking in ways they can understand. Kids that age do not think about death, and if they do it’s as something impossibly distant from them. What they care about is kissing lots of girls (/boys) and looking good. Since cigarettes make your mouth taste like a sewer, play that angle! Not the leaking brain of a 75-year-old stroke victim. Since cigarettes inhibit physical growth, play that angle – do you want to be shorter than you would naturally be? Or unable to play on the soccer team? No teenaged guy wants that. For girls, to counter the “it keeps you thin” line, at least they could point out that it keeps you thin only until you quit, at which point you likely struggle with Weight Gain. Those two words would move mountains re: teenaged girls smoking. But what do we get? Emphysema patients! And why? Because the anti-smoking campaign has nothing to do with preventing people from smoking and everything to do with flattering the post-Protestant hypocrisy of the Canadian middle class.

    To hell with the “Canadian Lung Association.” I got two lungs and I can bloody (as it were) well do what I want with them. I subsidise all kinds of cancer patients — the kind who survive, not the kind that get lung cancer — with $7 in tax on every pack of cigarettes I smoke. I’ve never spent a day in the hospital in my life and only twice visited the emergency room; and (if I don’t quit smoking) when I do get lung cancer and die, which seems to be the day everyone is waiting for with baited breath, I will save the dwindling generations below me tons of cash in unpaid pension, unrepaired dialysis machines, etc. etc. You think that dying the “normal” way is cheap? Free? Au contraire, my friend, it’s the most protracted and expensive process you are ever going to enjoy!

    Besides, what I most despise about announcements like today’s, together with blog comments like yours, nastyboy, is the revolting idea that death is the worst possible thing that can happen to a human being. Slowly collapsing in an old folks’ home is worse, I think. And worst of all is being condemned to live in the midst of a society of hypocrites and schoolmarms like this one.

    Still, kids, don’t smoke.

  31. yikes, might as well have an abortion debate, judging from the tone on here…

    anecdotal evidence: my neighbour’s 19 year old son and his pals sit in the garage, and puff away on one of these hookahs. I still think it’s a way of covering his denials to his mom about smoking pot, judging from the amount of silliness and giggling going on. sooo, my guess, just a fad that the kids are going through, like my e and techno music days.

    atoh, don’t put it past the tobacco companies to hook the kids this way either.

  32. So. We’ll ban banana split-flavoured tobacco. But not semi-automatic rifles.

  33. Welland citizens and citizens of surrounding areas have been known for having “expensive habits,” be it smoking, drinking(too much), or a number of illegal habits. None of these habits are cheap, and yet you seem many of these people complaining about how they lost their jobs and can’t afford to live. And somehow, they feel they have the right to blame this on the Conservative government. If they were to cut back on spending money on their habits they might see that they still have a buck or two at the end of the day.

  34. Welland has lost 1000 manufacturing jobs in the past month and your solution is to give up drinking, smoking and recreational drug use?

    Patrick – are you high?

  35. Marijuana and hashish are gateway drugs that lead to harder drugs like tobacco.

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