Meet the geniuses


A few days after the fact, won’t you please welcome the 2008 MacArthur Foundation fellows, who receive large amounts of money from a munificent benefactor, without warning, simply for being great. This corner heartily endorses the grants to the wonderful music journalist Alex Ross and to the wonderful saxophonist Miguel Zenón. To celebrate, here’s nearly an hour of Miguel’s music, recorded four months ago at a club in Paris that I miss very much even though they’re not big on leg room.


Meet the geniuses

  1. I love the MacArthur fellowship, purely because the criteria seems to be “being awesome.”

    My comments keep getting shorter and more obvious on here, I think the dual elections and economic meltdown are all getting to me.

  2. Miguel Zenon is Julian Adderley reincarnate.


  3. Thanks for pointing these out Paul.

    Another of the winners was the charming violinist Leila Josefowicz (born in Mississauga, raised in California) who was interviewed on CBC on the weekend by Michael Enright.

    And having two astrophysicists on this year’s list (Andrea Ghez and Adam Riess) is nice to see.

  4. What? It’s legal to support excellence in the arts and sciences outside of a government budget? It’s possible to support excellence in the arts and sciences outside of a government budget? Wow! Who knew?

    Kudos to the Foundation.

  5. I love these kinds of prizes. Arts and sciences are rarely appreciated these days for simply being things of beauty.



    Figures MYL would make this into an ideological statement…you realize that almost every person who wins these endowed … er … prizes, most started off with public funding.

    Funny thing, that.

  6. Well, Austin, I guess we can be thankful that the arts don’t suffer the same funding exclusivity as insurance for physician and hospital access. Thankful for the arts, I hasten to add.

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