Meet the new guy -

Meet the new guy

And so suddenly Ray Novak is the Prime Minister’s chief of staff


And so suddenly Ray Novak is the Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

Full disclosure to be applied from this point forward: Mr. Novak and I first crossed paths in university, he as a student politician, me as a student journalist covering student politics. He ran for student council president and lost. But he seems to have done all right since then.

Here is the profile I wrote of Mr. Novak two years ago. He is the Prime Minister’s longest-serving aide, an individual who once slept in the bunk above the garage at Stornoway when Mr. Harper was leader of the opposition.

Now it is Mr. Novak to whom Mr. Harper turns at one of the most critical moments in his premiership.


Meet the new guy

  1. Now lets see if together with Novak the PM will make a serious renewed effort at senate reform!!

    Get those senators elected or abolish the senate. Make the senate accountable to the voters at large.

  2. Two things struck me from the profile (as they would) ..
    – intern in the office of Rob Anders !!!
    – “research” at the NCC .. which, I assume, means browsing
    the websites at Heritage and the AEI a couple of times a day
    and picking up a cheque from “the people”.

    I feel better already.

  3. Pushing Wright overboard won’t make this fiasco go away. Duffy is toxic. He has now ended the public service career of one Con enabler and he’ll continue to infect the welfare of others until he’s flushed from the Senate.

  4. The speed with which this went down makes it look like all these “Wright has the full confidence of the PM” days were spent confirming his replacement. But I’m sure that’s far too cynical to be true, right?

  5. As a student journalist covering student politicians… That’s my worst nightmare right there.