Members' statements intrigue -

Members’ statements intrigue


Peter Goldring thinks the Conservatives were trying to mock him with a members’ statement.

He was, however, upset by what he felt was an incidence of “somebody is having a little bit of fun” at his expense in the House Nov. 8.  That day, Mr. Goldring rose to deliver a member’s statement thanking a group of Ukrainian Parliamentary interns who were leaving the Hill. After he finished, Conservative MP Ed Holder (London West, Ont.) rose to make a statement on Mothers Against Drunk Driving. “I’m doing a serious statement in the House of Commons, and Ed Holder follows right away with a statement that is incorrect that says ‘Don’t drink and drive,’” stated Mr. Goldring.  “I’m sure that I am going to be vindicated on it. But there is a certain amount of sensitivity do it. How can it, coincidently the statement flat-out like that following right up on my statement in the House of Commons? I think that that’s just childish behaviour,” he said.

But Mr. Holder said that his statement had nothing to do with Mr. Goldring. “I thought it highly coincidental that Peter spoke and I spoke, but he didn’t even come up in the thought process, quite frankly,” he said.  Mr. Goldring refused to say whether he believed it was Mr. Holder, or the office of Government House Leader Peter Van Loan (York-Simcoe, Ont.), or another individual, who intended to embarrass him. “This claim is completely false. Mr. Holder’s statement had nothing to do with Mr. Goldring,” said Fraser Malcolm, Mr. Van Loan’s director of communications, in an email. “Furthermore, the Speaker determines when the Independent Members of Parliament, including Mr. Goldring, are recognized to deliver a statement. We receive no advance notice of whether or when Mr. Goldring will be recognized,” he added. 

A preliminary hearing into the charges against Mr. Goldring was conducted last Friday.


Members’ statements intrigue

  1. Goldring was expecting ‘sensitivity’ from Cons?

    After all the years he’s known them?

    Well, now I’ve heard everything.

    • Yeah, he could ask Guergus or Garth Turner about that. Besides, he IS a Con, so he oughta know.

      • I’ve never understood it. Cons don’t seem to realize what they’re part of. Must get too caught up in the fantasy or the brainwashing or something.

      • Yes, Helena Guergis is a poster child for goodness and sensitivity. I cannot help but recall when the Liberals pointed out her exalted behavior at the Halifax airport….you must remember that. She went postal on the security. Of course that was when the Liberals were demanding her resignation. They got further evidence from the scandal that broke when it was reported that she demanded that her own assistant call into a radio show under an assumed name to talk her up. It is really funny how after the Liberals got their way and Helena got turfed, that she became the Liberal’s “go-to victim”. I see they didn’t actually stoop to inviting her to join the party though.

        • Guergis was a cabinet minister who was forced out by her own people. They blackened her name, ruined her career….and to this day no one knows why.

          Her own people HI….it’s not about her ‘goodness and sensitivity’….it’s about her fellow-Cons

          • Helena Guergis was a cabinet minister who was her own worst enemy and she blackened her own name by acting like an entitled asshole on several different occasions. Each time the opposition called her on her behavior and demanded her resignation. If she was such a fantastic MP, she would have been elected as an independent in her own riding after she was turfed from the Conservative Party. She ran but she was not elected. As pointed out, the Liberal Party took up her cause but NEVER invited her to cross the floor and join them. You want to make this all about the other members of the caucas and ignore Ms. Guergis’ obvious lack of character and judgment. However, the voters in her riding didn’t want her back either and neither did the other two parties.

          • And you couldn’t make the same case for Goldring, who also got kicked out of the party? I don’t understand why you’re defending him..

          • Noop, she may have been a difficult person, but there was no reason to have her investigated by Mounties and tossed for no reason

            Guergis wouldn’t cross the floor..she is still dumbass to be a devout Con.

            Most ridings don’t vote for Independents…..they can’t do anything.

            As much as you’re trying to make out that Cons are a warm and fuzzy bunch….nobody is buying it.

        • Point of order: It was the Charlottetown airport. I remember the story well, because I made fun of her for it, and was admonished by Conservative supporters for daring to take the word of mere airport authorities over that of a sitting minister.

  2. Here’s the text of Mr. Holder’s comments

    Qutie frankly, this is ridiculous on Mr. Goldring’s part. Mr. Holder is discussing a lady who’s son died being T-boned by a drunk driver. Mr. Holder talks about ‘selfish, stupid and impaired drivers’. Mr. Goldring should only feel as though he’s being spoken to if he deep down feels he was an impaired driver. His reaction I think speaks to what he deep down believes about himself.

  3. There’s nothing worse than a paranoid drunk.

    • Hmmm……hate to point it out Jan but when it was a certain opposition member with an addiction to alcohol misbehaved on an airplane while inebriated, you were MUCH more understanding and sensitive….you NEVER called him a “drunk”. I think you and Emily actually called Romeo “brave” and admonished me for being “preachy” and a bad nurse. Let’s try keep the standards we set for at least a month and not let our partisanship get too much the way…eh?

      • I will support Mr. Goldring when and if he apologizes for his behavior and admits he has a problem.

        • Yes, I am sure you will positively rush to do a turn around on that politically incorrect language….”paranoid drunk”???? Come now, hate to “preach” empathy to you but alcoholism is a disease afterall.

      • General Dallaire had PTSD. I have no idea who you’re talking about.

        • You have “no idea who” I am talking about….really? Romeo Saganash….kicked off an airplane…takes a leave of absence from the House of Commons???? Does this sound at all familiar to you, Emily? Perhaps you are suffering from short-term memory loss. Hate to “preach” but you might want to get that checked out.

          • Oh him….why didn’t you say so?

            Well he was brave to admit he had a problem….first step to fixing it.

            Goldring hasn’t done that.

      • Yeah Jan, stop reflexively coming to the Conservative’s defence.

  4. Earth to Goldring: Do not bring more attention to the alleged behavoir in which you may have partaken.