Michael Chong Maverick Watch


The Conservative surveys the scene for the Guelph Mercury.

“I think that both sides of the House have learned from their mistakes before the Christmas break,” said Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong. “I think we’re going to see a renewed sense of co-operation.”

Mistakes on both sides?

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Michael Chong Maverick Watch

  1. “Mistakes on both sides?”

    More uber-partisan Wherrian logic, I see. After all, the NDP/Liberal/Bloc coalition agreement was hardly a naked power grab by the recently diminished Liberals and the New Democrats. It was (of course!) an altruistic and non-partisan ‘gesture’ made in the interests of all Canadians and concerned only with their economic well-being.

    There are two sides to this story, with plenty of mistakes on both of them. Feel free to open your mind to that possibility.

    • Dude, it’s a joke.

      Chong admitted the Conservatives made a mistake with the fiscal update last year, whereas Harper has refused admit that they made any sort of mistake.

      Lighten up!

      • Point taken and you are, of course, correct.

  2. It’s saddens me to see the last few remaining Conservative MPs that still have some credibility leaping into the line of fire to save Dear Leader when he clearly doesn’t deserve such loyalty.

  3. Coming from such a paragon of virtue, consistency and clarity I am sure Mr Chong is deeply hurt.

  4. The wingnuts are particularly dyspeptic today.