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Michael Chong Maverick Watch


In an interview with Michael Enright this weekend—which you can hear here, after a soliloquy on the nature of soccer—Michael Chong, the former minister and government backbencher, lamented quite eloquently for the powerlessness of MPs and the concentration of control within Parliament.

Mr. Chong also references his hopes for QP reform—an issue he explored in an essay for the Canadian Parliamentary Review in 2008.


Michael Chong Maverick Watch

  1. As much as I'm on the bandwagon for elevating the role of MPs and parliament in relation to governments, after listening to this, I am wondering about something more basic that we need to solve.

    What needs to be changed so that our democratic system (including elections, government, public discourse, media) allows thoughtful, constructive representatives to rise into positions of responsibility instead of being marginalized? What's wrong with all of us that loudmouth partisans become Opposition celebrities and Government Ministers?

  2. Maybe we need more squishy education :)

  3. We absolutely need more squishy education.

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