Michael Chong Maverick Watch (II)


And here is the text of Mr. Chong’s motion, which he spoke of in the House just before QP this afternoon.

That the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs be instructed to recommend changes to the Standing Orders and other conventions governing Oral Questions, and to consider, among other things, (i) elevating decorum and fortifying the use of discipline by the Speaker, to strengthen the dignity and authority of the House, (ii) lengthening the amount of time given for each question and each answer, (iii) examining the convention that the Minister questioned need not respond, (iv) allocating half the questions each day for Members, whose names and order of recognition would be randomly selected, (v) dedicating Wednesday exclusively for questions to the Prime Minister, (vi) dedicating Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for questions to Ministers other than the Prime Minister in a way that would require Ministers be present two of the four days to answer questions concerning their portfolio, based on a published schedule that would rotate and that would ensure an equitable distribution of Ministers across the four days; and that the Committee report its findings to the House, with proposed changes to the Standing Orders and other conventions, within six months of the adoption of this order.


Michael Chong Maverick Watch (II)

  1. It's hard to argue with any of these ideas but didn't most of us learn basic decorum in elementary school or at the knees of our parents?

    I would add that the Prime Minister must be in the House on the day dedicated to his question and answer period unless he is out of the country.


  2. In short, the British system.

  3. I love this guy. Can't believe he flies Harper's banner…

  4. I think with friendly amendments this could be a big step forward.

  5. If you thought his chances of getting a cabinet position before were zero (after standing up to Harper on an old Reform policy)…

  6. The next Speaker.

  7. Michael Chong really is a great MP. He was Intergovernmental Affairs Minister after the 2006 election, but resigned after the Quebec as a nation motion. Interestingly, the PM didn't even consult Chong before announcing the intention to introduce said motion.

    • What a crock – Mike Chong is co-opted by the PMO government by ad campaign, votes 99.9 % of the time with them (even on the most egregious partisan crap – asbestos good?) and Intergovernmental Affairs is the portfolio that Harper sends the waste-of-spacers to: Fantino, Penashue, Chong (Oda?) – Yeesh! Good company! They have no use for this portfolio, so show it no respect.

  8. "…in a way that would require Ministers be present two of the four days to answer questions concerning their portfolio, based on a published schedule that would rotate and that would ensure an equitable distribution of Ministers across the four days."

    This is the only proposition that troubles me, based on the following: if something pressing arises on the Afghanistan file (for example) on Wednesday, and its scheduled "Question Time" doesn't come up until the following Thursday, how does that allow the House to address questions of importance in a timely fashion?

  9. "examining the convention that the Minister questioned need not respond"

    This would lead to John Baird collecting EI.

  10. Best. Motion. Ever. (Or at least this session)

  11. Add Paul Wells suggestion of moving it to 10am. 2pm is nap time when they are at their most crankiness

  12. Michael Chong, I knew you had good things in you, and I have been waiting…waiting.

  13. Sigh. This is the Parliamentary equivalent of banning Fred Phelps from protesting outside military funerals.

    As Mark Steyn has written, you can't regulate people who don't know how to behave into behaving. Or something to that effect.

  14. Great MP but QP is good how it is

  15. I definitely like concentrating the PM's time in QP. The Prime Minister needs to be accountable, but that doesn't mean he needs to be asked questions on every little thing.