Michael Ignatieff, as explained by Maclean’s


My firsthand experience with Mr. Ignatieff is admittedly limited. Aside from watching him in the House over the past year, I spent a couple days on the campaign trail with him this fall. The resulting magazine piece is here.

Much more substantially, Anne Kingston wrote the definitive Ignatieff profile for us in a cover story two years ago.

Bureau chief John Geddes has penned probably half a dozen pieces on the man who will be Liberal leader, including looks at Ignatieff’s return to Canada, Ignatieff and Iraq, Ignatieff and Bob Rae, and Ignatieff and Ian Davey.

Oh. And I also once wrote a short piece about Mr. Ignatieff’s eyebrows. So there’s, uh, that too.


Michael Ignatieff, as explained by Maclean’s

  1. There we go. The man that will be PM (mark my words) – it all starts with the eyebrows.

  2. That must be one hell of a man being able to grow such eyebrows.

  3. They’re great, but they’ll be better still in 10 years’ time.

  4. “there’s something happinin here
    what it is aint exactly clear”

    it must be a slow night,

    or perhaps it’s just me feeling a teeny bit shunned,


    dear Jean has left me in the dark,

    “theres a man with a gun over there
    tellin me i got to beware

    i think it’s time we stop, children
    what’s that sound
    everybody look what’s goin down”

  5. Thanks for re-posting these articles Aaron. What emerges is the portrait of a highly complex, intelligent and ambitious man. He is still something of a mystery to me though. It will be very interesting to see what kind of leader he will be.

  6. Francien – We all have lives and I can only play ping-pong with Conservatives for so long. To be continued at a later date perhaps. Have a good evening.

  7. Jack,

    tell me

    will the apostrophe be needed in ?

    “10 years’ time.”


  8. Jean,

    I don’t do ping-pong,

    but I can do logic all night!

    Ah, and now you’re telling me you don’t care to dance!

    But the promise of a later date sounds interesting.

    Good night to you, young man.

  9. could be some interesting times
    in Canada when the provincial
    parties start forming coalitions
    the liberals in ontario did not
    win the 2007 election.
    liberals got 42.2%
    conservativd 31.6
    green 8.0%
    56.6 % of ontarions voted against the liberals

  10. Jean Proulx,

    “Francien – We all have lives and I can only play ping-pong with Conservatives for so long. To be continued at a later date perhaps. Have a good evening.”

    Beware. You cannot escape the voodoo doll… and pins.

  11. My favourite quote from this fabulously written piece comes from his brother, Andrew:

    “…but for the qualities that make him inestimable as a leader”.

    Whew. Talk about damning with faint praise…

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