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Michael Ignatieff Eyebrow Watch


Distressing news. As reported elsewhere, the Liberal leader, Mr. Ignatieff, has apparently resolved to spend more time trimming his formidable eyebrows in the new year. For shame. Once more, politics is forcing compromise on this man.

Surely the great philosopher Isaiah Berlin, he of great influence on Mr. Ignatieff, never put scissors to his eyebrows. (Just as Mr. Ignatieff should never have put clippers to his once-flowing locks.) As evidence, consider this archival footage of the two in conversation, presented via YouTube in six parts.

Berlin v. Ignatieff  Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI.


Michael Ignatieff Eyebrow Watch

  1. Is this the end of ol unibrow? … Tell me this isn’t so

  2. eyebrows? please

  3. These steps in grooming Mr. Ignatieff are directly a result of intelligence reports that revealed to the Liberals the new Conservative attack ads coming our way:

    Super upclose shot of the brows.

    An elderly woman in voice over “I would be embarassed to have these brows on my Prime Minister”

    Cut to soccer mom citizen “I really like the way Prime Minister Harper has trimmed eyebrows – it helps me to relate to him”

    Shot of Harper’s shiny clean waspy face and pull back to reveal him hugging his family who are all wearing blue sweaters.

    Cut to: evebrows on commie red background with jarring white lettering:

    Voice over with serious deep voice:

    “Michael Ignatieff, not up to a wax, not up to the job, and no, not a leader”

    I am not making this up.

    • You’re not allowed to make stuff up.

  4. Your dad never plucked anything.

  5. Hey, my dad had heavy eyebrows and he was a terrific guy. Imagine people getting worked up over someone’s eyebrows…..sigh….

  6. Then aqain what could work better is a puffin hovering near about which after all was started by Iggy in the first place when he suggested that the puffin should be our national bird – there is definitley potential for a good joke or political ad here and that’s no puffin poo!

  7. The Tories will literally use anything as ammunition in their campaign of political assasination. I hear the attack ads are already in the can.

  8. I just want to see that guy from the previous ads who was “never more proud to be a Canadian” because Stephen Harper is PM. I wonder if this time he’ll be saying: “nothing has made me more proud to be Canadian than Stephen Harper’s silkly, manicured eyebrows”

  9. Russians tend not to trim their eyebrows. Bushy eyebrows is a sign of manliness over there.

    • And elsewhere, dude. And elsewhere.

  10. More low life media reporting!

    Only in Canada could a politicians eyebrows become news worthy!!!

    PATHETIC! Almost as bad as a Puffin pooping on Dion’s shoulder!!!

    Gotta be the dope smoking folks just gotta be!

  11. “All his writing can be read as a defense of the individual against the violence of the crowd and the dogma of the party line.”

    This is how Ignatieff summed up Berlin’s ouvre. I wonder if Iggy, surveying the rallied Canadians from under his brow, recalled his own scholarly conclusions from the past. I wonder if Iggy has discovered that all his work and writing can be similarly subsumed by one sentence. I wonder if he knows who will be the one to utter that sentence.

  12. This is disappointing; I’m sure he has better things to do than trim his brow….