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Two Conservative MPs who won’t be sending out the Trudeau flyers


The Conservative MP for Tobique—Mactaquac won’t be sending mailouts to his constituents that mock Justin Trudeau.

“I’ve looked at some of the ads going back as far as 1993, some of the ads that have been used by all the parties during the last number of elections that I’ve run in and I find some of them, actually, odd, and a little bit childish,” Allen said. “But at the end of the day, I guess parties are using them because they’ve proven themselves to be effective and it’s a way to use their money to get their message out unfiltered.”

Allen notes negative ads have been effective against former Liberal leaders Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion, but he said it’s not his style. Allen said he will not send out any of the anti-Trudeau flyers to his constituents. “If I’m going to use something in my riding, I’m going to do a compare and contrast to the policy positions of the parties and the policy positions of the leader. I think in my riding I think people would say, ‘OK that is fair ball,'” he said.

Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber has also declined to send such mailouts, as he explained to reporters after QP last Thursday.

I won’t be participating in that program … generally speaking, my constituents are not all that thrilled by negative attacks … I don’t believe that my constituents are particularly thrilled by receiving that. They rather want to hear about issues. They’re not really interested in those types of ads, although other people have different opinions.

Update 1:25pm. Dan Albas won’t be sending around the mailouts either.

As a rule I typically avoid personal attacks or strongly themed politically partisan messaging. One observation that I have come to appreciate from our now retired MLA and former Speaker of the House Bill Barisoff, is that most citizens prefer aggressive partisan attacks are left out of the debate and discussion. Although I will not be using these particular ten percenters that have raised the ire of some, I do support the right of Members of Parliament from all sides of the House to communicate on issues they believe are important without restrictions on the content.


Mike Allen Maverick Watch

  1. I am so proud of the CPC MP’s to think independently on these 10%ters. If only the Liberal MP’s would press Justin as to what he stands for. Then all of the CPC MP’s have something to compare the government policy to.

    Justin, will you introduce a carbon tax?

    Justin, why did you send out a request to bring in more foreign workers?

    Justin, have you found a root cause already as to why people feel excluded?

    • Er…so JT’s is to blame for those silly childish ads; if he’d only come clean they wouldn’t be necessary??

      But you’ve already said you thought they were fair and accurate.

      But you’re also proud of the MPs who have had the decency not to participate…

      …have i got that about right!

      • I think the contents of the flyers are fair. But that does not mean that everyone has to consider them fair. It’s a free country, is it not?

        Do you understand the meaning of ‘free’?

        I am free to consider the flyers fair (after having read them).

        Others are free to not consider the flyers fair.

        It is you who does not understand the meaning of ‘free’.!

        • oh i know what free means all right…as usual, it’s your torturous logic i’m having trouble with.

          • So, if you do understand the meaning of ‘free’ then why can you not understand that it is indeed correct to state that I may be in favour of the flyers while others may not be in favour of those flyers, and furthermore that it is correct to say that MP’s who stand up for free choice are something to be proud of when I believe that freedom of speech does count. My logic is indeed the correct one. My logic is logic.

            What exactly do you not agree with in my understanding of ‘free’?? Let us hear what your logic amounts to?

            Accusing me of not being logical based on your none-logic, would not make your statement logical.

          • You are starting to sound suspiciously like thatcrackpottrollwiththelongname (can’t remember his actual name – nor do I particularly want to).

          • You must be proud to no longer be willing to defend your own credibility.

            Each to their own. I used logic because I know how to use logic. My credibility is tied up in being able to be logical when reasoning.

            I feel sorry for you that you cannot use logic and yet feel no shame about that fact.

          • Nothing to “defend”. All I was saying was your post is rambling and incoherent. And I stick by that. If that makes me less crdible in your eyes, well so be it. You lost credibility in mine some time ago.

          • Why would my post be a ‘rambling’ and ‘incoherent’ one?

            Oh, you won’t answer that either. I understand.

            Of course I have lost credibility in your eyes some time ago.All people you aren’t able to counter on reasonable grounds have lost credibility in your eyes. How could it not be?

          • Ohhh! I feel so EXCLUDED!!!

          • That’s a serious issue – to feel excluded!

            Quick, quick, reach Justin, wherever he may be. Justin is very interested in searching for the root cause as to why you may feel excluded.

            We would not want you to turn into a terrorist for feeling excluded.

            Or are you feeling at war with innocents? :))) But in that case too you can turn to Justin. He’s doing research on that topic too!

    • Your whole ‘root cause why people feel excluded’ has jumped the shark, even CPC supporters aren’t giving it any thumbs up anymore.

      • This may come as a surprise to you but I ain’t here to score thumbs up. Are you?

        • Of course not. But if even those who share your world view can’t be bothered to read your posts and support them . . . you’ve lost the plot.

          See also: doing same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, i.e. definition of insanity

          • Who are you to think for me?

            I can think for myself, thank you very much!

            Rest assured: my posts are being read. Your reply, for one, is proof of that.

            And I thank you for reading my posts. I appreciate it! :))))

          • I wouldn’t dream of thinking for you, just offering friendly advice if only out of pity . . . reading your posts reminds me of when I watched Mike Duffy replay over and over again that video of Stephane Dion trying to understand the question in English.

            BTW I read only the odd one of yours, if I quickly spot the word ‘exclude’ I usually skip it.

          • You don’t have to dream of thinking for me; you have already proven to think for me when you are awake (unless you type when being asleep, and in that case I admire your typing skills).

            Thank you once again for reading my comments. Pick whichever comments you choose to read. I appreciate it.

  2. I have sent my MP (a Conservative) a letter asking that he not use my tax dollars to stuff my mailbox with crap. (He is a good sort, my guess is that he will not go along with this easily)

    To help him out, I am drafting an open letter to the local paper, asking the same thing. Providing your local (Conservative) MP with evidence that their is a political cost to this type of strategy strikes me as the best method to help them stand up to the PMO.

    • I like it. Was thinking of doing the same, but then I received a 10%er from my (Conservative) MP and was pleasantly surprised to find it had no Trudeau references whatsoever. It was still more partisan than I think is warranted of something paid for with tax dollars, but better than I’d hoped for. There may still be some MPs with a shred of common sense and decency in the CPC after all…

      • “There may still be some MPs with a shred of common sense and decency in the CPC after all…”

        A lot of voters have known that for a long time. Welcome to reality, KeithBram!

        • Too bad they are all backbenchers…

          • Too bad there are no Liberals or NDP’s in the line up when it comes to standing up for free speech….:))

          • Not aware any of them are being told what to put in their mailers.

          • No, I am not aware of anything in that regard either. But my MP (CPC) has never been told what to put in his ten percenters, so I wonder why all of a sudden it is so important to find out what CPC MP’s put into their ten percenters but it is not important to know what NDPers and Liberals put into their ten percenters.

            I wonder why the press does not tell us what the NDPers and the Liberals put into their ten percenters. Is it a secret what the NDPers and Liberals put into their ten percenters?

            Why the need to single out the CPC and the content of ten precenters. The CPC has never said that it was a must to put in particular info in the flyers; only the press has indicated that they (the press) thinks the CPC has instructed as to what must go into the flyers, but then the press should be to blame for setting direction, not the CPC.

          • Have you been paying attention? The CPC did give its MPs a template. True, they weren’t mandated to use it, but the fact that they even requested MPs to use taxpayer-funded privilege to deliver purely partisan material is complete abuse of the privilege. They have been pushing the boundaries with these since taking office, but this goes way beyond acceptability.

            The fact that MPs are refusing to do so is newsworthy in part because they normally behave like trained seals; this public “I’m not gonna do it” is unprecedented.

            If the Libs and NDP tell their members to use their ten-percenters for purely partisan purposes, then they have been much more circumspect about it. I’d be very interested if you have evidence they have done so.

          • Oh, yeah, I have been paying attention!

            I ask myself this (as it unfolds): who released the CPC flyer??

            It was not the CPC. Or was it?

            Who released it if the flyer was not to go out till June?

            Who is now saying that they won’t use that particular flyer?

            I can’t count that fast, but several CPC MP’s have now indicated that they use their own advice for distributing the ten percenters, as they have always done.

            Now ask why the press does not asks if the LIberals or NDP have templates? Or, why is it not asked if the Liberals or NDP have templates, and so forth. You must look beyond what you read about……………….

          • Evidence, FV – evidence! Find some before making assumptions. We know the PMO or CPC executive (is there a difference?) were caught. I’m not ruling out the possibility other parties do the same, but would like to see the evidence before jumping to conclusions.

            And please, get over that hyper-partisan “the media are out to get us” paranoia. They are out to grab headlines because that draws eyes which allows them to generate ad revenue. That usually puts the focus on those in power. Simple as that.

          • Hey, I did not say that the media is out to get us!

            I’m saying that in politics, for all, it is this:

            take everything at face value

            take nothing at face value

            That’s what politicians must do, and do. That’s what opinion writers do, and must do and it is what we must do if we are into politics!

            It’s not only what’s written on the lines, but what’s being written in between the lines! I am not kidding you!

            I am not partisan. I am realistic. Harper is the best we’ve got. Trudeau says nothing so far, and Mulcair is talking wayyyy tooo much.

  3. Hope JT sends those guys a wish you well card. Cuz i doubt they’ve done anything to bolster their chances of making into the cut in the summer reshuffle.

    Wow! Are we seeing the first tender shoots of a Conservative spring? It’s enough to make a democrat giddy with hope.

    • I like your comment because it starts and ends with the word “hope.” That’s what we’ve got on our side, hope and hard work (to quote a great man).

  4. I’ll be sending a thank you email to both of these gentlemen. And if I receive one of these 10-percenters from the trained seal who represents my riding, I’ll be forwarding her a copy of that email.