Mind the border


Earlier this week, John Baird released two reports on the proposed security perimeter deal with the United States. The Star summarizes.

Big business, tourism associations and others who stand to profit from greater access to U.S. markets expressed a greater willingness to hand over things like flight passenger lists and other personal information if it means a more fluid border. Individual Canadians are decidedly more skeptical, said one of two reports released by the government Monday that detail the messages delivered in the first round of consultations.

“Individual Canadians voiced concerns about enhanced sharing of traveler and travel information,” said the report on the proposed perimeter security deal. “These concerns centered on the loss of sovereignty, the protection of personal information shared between the two countries, and a general sentiment that not enough was known about the proposed measures.”

Carl Meyer looks at the possibility of a continental no-fly list.


Mind the border

  1. Government does not care what individuals want, hasn’t for decades. Canada is profoundly conservative country and government will do whatever business wants it to. 

    I work in auto sector and I know auto types want new border at Windsor/Detroit. 

    I clicked through to article and I saw this. April Fools’ early/late?

    “Toronto Star columnist Angelo Persichilli is being named the prime minister’s new director of communications, replacing outgoing spokesman Dimitri Soudas, the Star has learned.”

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