Minister, your limo awaits


Conservative backbencher Brent Rathgeber—he who recently questioned the use of ministerial limos—reacts to the Prime Minister’s suggestion that a full cabinet shuffle won’t be happening soon.

PM Harper tells Rutherford no Cabinet shuffle until midterm; I guess no limo for me anytime soon!! Lol.

Meanwhile, Global has obtained Bev Oda’s limo invoices.

The invoices requested under Access to Information were released on Wednesday, a day after Oda retired from politics and more than a week after the department told Global News no such records exist. The department later backtracked and promised to hand over all records of Oda’s limo and car rental expenses since August 2007.


Minister, your limo awaits

  1. One trip in February 2008 saw Oda rack up a bill for $1,070 for a 12 hour rental related to an event to announce CIDA funding for a child protection partnership.

    Another pricey trip came to $892.50 after a driver and car was hired to wait at the Sheraton Centre hotel in downtown Toronto for 10 hours, while the minister attended the Toronto Garrison Officers’ Ball.
    Driving Miss Wait&See

    • My guess – she has them standing by so she has somewhere to smoke.

      • She’s probably not allowed to smoke inside the limo, so that doesn’t wash.
        But could this be the expected further nail in the coffin? If so, it’s three days late!

        • Did you know (once upon a time) coffin nails was slang for cigarettes?
          Gotta spark another coffin nail…..

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