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Mission accomplished?


The governor of Kandahar questions Stephen Harper’s contention that “Afghanistan is no longer a threat to the world.”

“Maybe…Mr. Harper is an optimistic man, and I am also an optimistic man, but we shouldn’t be that confident, because the Afghan situation is pretty delicate,” Tooryalai Wesa told Embassy in an interview in Montreal during the Internal Economic Forum of the Americas on June 8. “I don’t know him closely, but this is—from my perspective—a bit of an optimistic statement at this time of Afghanistan’s situation.”


Mission accomplished?

  1. Well of course if the Afghan’s stop hunting the Taliban and Al-Queda cells in their own country, then yes, Afghanistan could become a threat to the world again. But at present, they’re having a hard enough time surviving in their own country, launching international attacks hardly seems to be a real possibility.

  2. Afghanistan never was a threat to the world,  but I’m sure they’d prefer we stay and bring in the money. Probably quite a few new Swiss bank accounts out of this.