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Mixed metaphor of the day


We are riding a horse. Obscured by a tree. That has just been cut down.

Ken Dryden on the government’s environment policy.

What then of Canada? In his three years as Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has chosen to ride the slowest horse in the race. Except at international conferences, it has been a comfortable ride. But he cannot hide in the shade of the United States much longer. 


Mixed metaphor of the day

  1. If Stephen Harper falls off his horse in the forest, will anybody hear, now that his stable mates, Bush and Howard, have been sent to that great glue factory in the sky, adjacent to the greener pastures of prosperity, where the mustard seeds we had once planned to sow will soon take root?

  2. Most of that piece is typical Dryden dross but I did agree with this: “Climate change is the ultimate global issue. It is also a forever issue.”

    Climate changes over time, always has, always will so he’s correct to say it’s a forever issue.

    Why do we barely hear about ‘global warming’ anymore, it’s mostly ‘climate change’ now? And when we discuss climate change, why is there never a mention that climate is always changing, it’s part of mother nature’s grand design. And has there ever been a positive outcome when humans meddle with Gaia?

    • “Dryden dross”
      Well Ken did think when PET asked ” who speaks for Canada”? he was addressing him personally. However, i give him credit for thinking that the question is still wanting an answer of some sort. SH’s reply is” all of us”, just not in any coherent or in any meaningful way!

  3. It’s perfectly clear Aaron. Obviously SH is riding a Shetland pony. Everyone else is on a variety of steeds – China i believe is currently astide a one eyed ox, India a sacred cow. – so it’s entirely possilbe that SH is in the shade of someone. Corse when yu ride the drag partner, yu do ten ta suk up a pile a munewer.

  4. Ken Dryden was a heck of a goalie.