Money where your mouth is


Glen McGregor finds that two leadership candidates—Thomas Mulcair and Romeo Saganash—haven’t donated to the NDP. Via Twitter, Brian Topp elaborates on his donation history.

Since some folks asked: I try to contribute to our party at both the federal and provincial level.

Since I have given more of my time to the federal party in recent years, I’ve given more of my contributions to the provincial level.

To be precise, since 2005 I’ve donated $8,292 to the Ontario NDP ($7,092 since 2007). These figures are published on Ont donations site.

It’s up to each candidate to speak to how they’ve worked in recent years to build our party. I’ve tried to do my share.


Money where your mouth is

  1. ‘Time is money.’

  2. Socialists believe people are generally skinflint misanthropes because they themselves are skinflint misanthropes, Trudeau being the best example and Barack Obama a more recent example.  It’s *the* fundamental difference between the left and the right.  

    Mr. Topp should be commended, as his donations represent well over 0.6% of the income of a union executive’s typical compensation over that period – closer to 0.15% when you factor in the tax refund.

    • Stop assigning nonsensical beliefs to ‘socialists’. 

      It’s obvious you don’t know what a socialist is, or believes.

      • Stop menstruating all over every single comment with which you disagree.

        Oops, too late.

        • Ahhh sexist too….boy you just scream rabid rightwing.

        • So what do you do, fart all over comments then?

          • It’s always amazing to me how Cons are so willing to display their ignorance in public…..

        • Gee Terence, real classy. 
          You ever think of running as a Conservative MP?

  3. I think that the expectation to both donate and raise funds externally is quite a significant turnoff to many when it comes to politics. I’m no Dipper, but the fact that someone can enter into a leadership race and contribute something other than money to the party is quite inspiring to me. 

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