More Canadian than thou


by Aaron Wherry

More Canadian than thou

As noted, last night’s battle of teenage hockey players was very important and deeply meaningful. Indeed, it was nothing less than a profound window into our national soul, and the very hearts of our political leaders.

Stephen Taylor explains.

Hockey games usually provide photo-ops for Canadian politicians to awkwardly rub shoulders with “every day” Canadians and pretend to show interest in the game that the rest of us plebs know and love. However, Stephen Harper, a man with an interest that could be described as a genuine but fanatical love of the game (maintained by his trademark calm) was there not only for the gold medal game, but most – if not all – of team Canada’s games during the entire tournament. As for photo-ops, our country’s leader looked at ease with a shirt-less gold-painted-with-Canada-logo-on-chest superfan as he gave thumbs up for a fan photo. The Prime Minister also took the opportunity of hanging out with the team before games in the dressing room. One reporter explained to me that usually such a moment would have racked the nerves of a team. However, for a man at ease in this element, wearing a leather jacket and jeans, having laced skates, taped sticks and socks many times before, the PM was just another hockey dad.

Michael Ignatieff was also in attendence but only for the gold medal game. The Liberal leader and grandson of a Russian tsar took a break from writing a book on his family history long enough to recognize the tournament and descend to mingle with the masses. Ignatieff had a rare chance of witnessing a Canadian hockey victory while living in Canada – the distinguished academic has been largely abroad since the late 60s. A friend joked that Ignatieff told TSN, “I am a fan of the game of hockey, but not necessarily a hockey fan.” For the two men, Harper and Ignatieff, hockey underscores a vital political strength and a vital political weakness. For the Prime Minister, voters select someone they see in themselves and they pick someone who understands and shares their concerns. For Ignatieff, voters will sever him if he cannot genuinely tie himself with the threads that line our hearts.

We’re a nation bound by our love of hockey.

In fairness, Mr. Ignatieff’s been Liberal leader for nearly a month. It’s really about time his Canadianness was questioned. His predecessor had the job for mere days before doubt was cast on his.


More Canadian than thou

  1. Good point by Stephen (great blog blogging tories) and once Obamania has withered on the vine and the reality of the USA problem hits them RE: Even as he promised to make tough budgetary decisions, President-elect Barack Obama said today that the United States could face trillion-dollar deficits for years to come – I think some soon to be former liberal canadians will be re-evaluating it’s poltical leanings as well and with poll numbers already showing Stevie well out and ahead of Iggy (ipsos) I think it will be an interesting year.

    • What about drinking around the office? Or sexual harassment around the office. Is that Canadian?

      The Conservative appointee Senator Patrick Brazeau is alleged allow this sort of thing at his previous office.

      How ‘Canadian’ is this? Is Brazeau really the face the Conservatives want in the Senate?

      What does this say about Steve Harper’s judgment?

    • A good point? You can’t be serious.

      I don’t even care that much about hockey. Does that fact alone make me less Canadian? Have we become that superficial?

      I think Jim hits the nail on the head with his comment:

      “It’s really about time [Ignatieff's] Canadianness was questioned.”

      If your notion of being Canadian boils down to going to hockey games, or ignoring one’s own heritage, I think instead that you should be questioning your own values, and what being Canadian is all about.

      I note from your own political career ( you were eager to peddle your family’s roots in your Kingston riding. Is being proud of one’s heritage only applicable if it is a strictly Canadian heritage?

      Do you really think that success in politics should be about whose family has been here the longest, or who likes hockey the most? I really hope that there is more to choosing a leader than that!

  2. Whenever Canadians are drawn together to celebrate with one another, we show our greatness. Hockey is no exception, but nor is it the only thing that draws our people together in collective enjoyment. I don’t mean to talk down Hockey, but it isn’t the game, per se, that makes Hockey a source of genuinely national sentiment. Rather, it is the Canadian people, and what we make of these things like Hockey (and other important cultural celebrations of our people) that is important, and I agree that an appreciation of this is of fundamental importance for a Canadian Politician to be legitimate.

  3. Ignatieff’s old grandad was the Tsar???? Posthumous promotion?

    • Yeah, pretty sure no one alive is the grandson of a tsar, since the Romanov family was killed off en masse.

  4. I love it when anti-intellectualism disguises itself as patriotism.

    Seriously, I love hockey, and I drive my wife nuts with the amount of time I spend watching/following it, but when it comes to the qustion of “Who is best qualified to lead this country?“, that man’s love of the game doesn’t enter into it.

    • Excellent point, Jonathon. I 100% agree

  5. My guy’s a better hockey fan than your guy? Wow, good thing nothing else troubles our political landscape right now…

    Not that the media provided the electorate with a whole lot of POLICY details during the election. Why start now, eh?

    • Are you seriously blaming the media for that? The perenial shallowness of media bugs me too. However the pols need to take their share of the blame. Let’s see puffin poop and litle blue sweaters not to mention Dion’s love of shinny or dog- sledding or whatever. Sh had to be shamed into releasing his platform at all. Yea let’s blame the media.

  6. Canadians have had three chances to allow Harper to “tie himself to our hearts” (barf) and have each time passed on giving him a majority. As for this long rumored book on hockey that Harper is supposedly writing, I think he may have some more time on his hands by the end of the year to finish it.

    And I don’t think Harper has ever played hockey! OMG how did Taylor ever allow him to become Conservative leader.

    What a bunch of embarrassing mush. Taylor should start a political Tiger Beat Blog.

  7. I remember when Michael Ignatieff won his first election in 2006. Paul Martin immediately announced his resignation and a reporter than immediately asked Ignatieff about his intentions and he responded:
    “I’m going home to vacuum my house”. I was reminded of this shortly after he was appointed leader when he said that he grew up in barns.

    On the one hand I find him rediculous when he makes these statements, but on another, quite charming. Contrast this with Stephen Harper, who makes his own rediculous statements, and the lack of charm is quite apparent.

    Stephen says: For the Prime Minister, voters select someone they see in themselves and they pick someone who understands and shares their concerns. For Ignatieff, voters will sever him if he cannot genuinely tie himself with the threads that line our hearts.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think the PM has done a very good job of demonstrating that he understand or shares voters concerns. Sure he campaigns in a blue sweater and makes platitudes to the needs of families etc., but from a policy development and program delivery perspective not so much.

    In terms of a leader tying themselves to the threads that line our hearts, I think Stephen Taylor is forgetting that voters for the most part don’t give a phoque.

  8. Soon it will be discovered that hockey was actually invented elsewhere – in Russia perhaps, Yup, that theory is just as silly as the blog above.

  9. What am I reading here? An entry from my daughter’s Brownie diary?

    For Ignatieff, voters will sever him if he cannot genuinely tie himself with the threads that line our hearts.

    This doesn’t work. Ignatieff would have to remove the threads that…*urgh*…line our hearts in order to tie himself with them before the said severing.

    I think Taylor was attempting to craft (with a hammer and anvil, apparently) a metaphor that would evoke an image of Canada’s Beloved Leader tethered to Canadians with some sort of twine or yarn…or quite possibly jute…that unravels from a woven fabric that encases our hearts (a cardiac cosy, as it were), but when that’s all done, all I can picture is congestive heart failure.

    I have to give it is a check minus.

  10. This was for comic relief …… right ? Aaron ?

  11. “I’m going home to vacuum my house”?? Okay, I’ll take that over some guy who apparently can’t skate but keeps trying to convince us he is a hockey nut.

  12. This is what I love about the Blogging Tories/Full Comment. They’re beyond parody.

    • How true. These guys are a parody of a parody.

  13. Michael Ignatieff: Not a hockey fan.

    • Stephen Harper. Not a fan of the environment.

  14. Well, at least Stephen posted the original at his own blog and not as one of his guest blogging columns here at Macleans.

  15. Oh crap. Layton didn’t attend a single game. My team is sooooooo screwed.

  16. “For the Prime Minister, voters select someone they see in themselves and they pick someone who understands and shares their concerns. ”

    How does he share our concerns? Canadians don’t have an entourage, dog sniffers and taxpayer sweat to pay for everything. Most Canadians can’t afford to have their kids play hockey.

    Nothing worse than having a chrome coloured dome politician ruining sports with their form of smoochy gushy glad handing.

    I’m with Ignatieff, I’m a fan of the game of hockey Not a hockey fan. Hockey has become too commercial and Disneyesque.

  17. Someone please tell me Taylor wrote this tongue in cheek. Mildly amusing and poking gentle humour at his opponent. If, however this is what passes for serious consevative blogging then gawd help them. Apart from the cloying sentiment the piece reads like a brainstorming session [ and a very obvious and unimaginative one too] of the juniour staff at the pmo hitting on all the utterly unimportant reasons why Ignatieff shouldn’t be PM. Nah! It wasn’t serious. Or do these guys, as ti-guy said earlier today, actually believe this is important?

    • Someone please tell me Taylor wrote this tongue in cheek.

      I doubt it.

      • I think it was tongue in cheek. But not his own cheek, and not the cheek you normally see in public.

    • I was hoping someone would tell me that Wherry wrote this tongue in cheek.

      Good God Wherry, how does this post question Ignatieff’s Canadian-ness, other than (accurately) pointing out that until returning to Canada recently he’s lived abroad since the 60′s?

  18. I hope to meet a real Canadian one day, they sound super weird.

    • What’s a “hockey”?

  19. As anyone ever seen Harper skate?

    • I saw a picture circulated last winter of him, wearing skates and on what appeared to be ice. Could’ve been photoshopped (him, or the ice, or both. Or maybe they airbrushed out the supporting structure). In any case he looks like he doesn’t know how to skate.

  20. If he prorogues Parliament again, he could catch every NHL home game for the rest of the season. What a patriot. What a leader. He’s more of a hockey fan of any Liberal ever could be.

    • exactly….. this one should be filed under: What PMs who take extra time off in the midst of potential depression can do with their free time (watch hockey and hang out with teenage hockey players).

      as for the common man bunk, how many commoners ’round here could afford those tickets to ‘most if not all’ of the games and have access to dressing rooms?

  21. I was at the Gold medal game, and Harper was right below where I was seated. I found it odd that he was wearing a suit and tie, but figured it probably meant he would be part of the official ceremonies at the end of the game. This possibility was reinforced when he and his son up and left with the security people shortly before the game ended (I think after the first empty net goal pretty well decided the game).

    But he didn’t appear in the ceremonies, which was surprising, since it seemed logical that, as PM, he would have handed out the gold plate or something. So I don’t know why he left when he did. While I’m not a big Harper supporter, I know he is a true hockey fan, so he had every right to be there, but why was he one of the few in attendance who left the building and missed the celebrations at the end?

    Here’s another odd thing: I just checked google news, and Harper did issue a statement congratulating Team Canada for winning gold. Makes sense, pretty standard, except the statement isn’t on the PMO website, it’s on the PC Party web site. What’s with that?

    Maybe Stephen Taylor can explain.

    - JV

    • and Harper was right below where I was seated.

      Were you overcome by the Aquanet fumes wafting up from his coiffe?

      • Aquanet, hell — that hair, if indeed it is human hair, is simonized. That, or a hat of some sort.

    • Minister Lunn was there to hand stuff up …. way up … to some of the players. Very impressive.

    • Harper appeared on TSN’s coverage of the game. The other broadcasters were in a suit and tie as well. Harper’s dress was appropriate for that setting.

      • Which provided me with proof positive Lunn is being hung out to dry.

        • Could Lunn see above the boards or did he need a booster seat?

          • No need for a booster seat. It was a hockey game, not a Cabinet meeting.

          • Well, he was only sporadically visible when he moved between the officialdom on the carpet. But he was easily distinguishable because he was wearing a team jersey amidst the guys in suits. I thought he was one of the stick boys at first.

          • “I thought he was one of the stick boys at first.”

            Judging by the look in his eyes I’d say you weren’t too far off the mark.

  22. Nothing a goofy hat and clapper at the Briar can’t clear up.

    I get the impression the intent is to convince us of what WE want, not Iggy. We’re so market whipped no doubt in some places it’ll get lots of traction. Ring around the collar, anyone?

  23. Maybe Iggy should take up watching lacrosse. It is after all, Canada’s other national sport according to Canada’s National Sport Act passed in `94.

  24. I’ve just re-read this bilge, i wish i hadn’t. On second reading this isn’t even parody it’s a parody of a parody. A love ode to Steve that’s obsequious to the pt of puppy love. The para on Ignatieff should bare the disclaimer: uncanadian, un-hockey book writing, limp wristed, foreign royalty come down to hobnob with tim horton’s loving fans and their cool hockey dad PM. And did i mention Iggy wasn’t even aware the Russians were already bounced [ ok made that up, although Taylor probably ran out of space ] S, Taylor the Ritta Skeeta of journalism!! Apologies to Mr Taylor if SH made him write this. .

  25. Stephen Harper is writing a book about hockey? I thought that was a myth, an old wives’ tale. When will it be finished? Will he accept a grant for publishing, or publish on his own? What house has picked it up? Has a retainer been paid? When’s the due date? Is there a working title? Perhaps along the lines of: Hockey, I Hardly Knew Ye, or maybe, Those Who Can’t Write About Hockey.

    So many questions. So few answers.

    While I wish Stephen Harper well in his literary endeavours I would prefer if he would spend some time governing. How many days off has he had since his last needless election? Time to put the selectric away, Stephen, and get on with some action. Legal of course. Don’t you have minions to look after your sidelines? If not, why not. You’re in charge of the spendiest government in Canadian history and the best Canadians get is a paid update on your dreams of hockey relevancy through your much-delayed ruminations?

    Please. Spare us.

    • I’d prefer him spending time on his literary endeavours!

  26. What am I missing here – I thought the game was about the “team”/”players” and their hard work and making Canada proud.

    I didn’t realize that it was for Harper’s sake, his game, his hard work. Golly, gee – Harper won the Gold Medal for Canada?

    I’ll be damned.

    Actually, lacrosse was invented by the aboriginal natives and basket ball was invented by a Canadian professor.

  27. Good thing Obama’s a better basketball player than McCain. But then again, he lost on the throwing back shots contest with Hillary. Maybe this stuff’s not that relevant. Outside of Maclean’s anyway.

  28. Geez, I always wondered how the lead Blogging Tory would paint the attendance of Iggy and Steve at the Final game. I am shocked, shocked, that he thinks Steve is more in tune with Canadiana than Iggy.

  29. “In fairness, Mr. Ignatieff’s been Liberal leader for nearly a month. It’s really about time his Canadianness was questioned.”

    Mr. Taylor, if your notion of being Canadian boils down to going to hockey games, or ignoring one’s own heritage, I think instead that you should be questioning your own values, and what being Canadian is all about.

    I note from your own political career ( you were eager to peddle your family’s roots in your Kingston riding. Is being proud of one’s heritage only applicable if it is a strictly Canadian heritage?

    Do you really think that success in politics should be about whose family has been here the longest, or who likes hockey the most? I really hope that there is more to choosing a leader than that!

  30. I find it encouraging that our Prime Minister can still sit in regular seating in one of our major arenas, not just once but on multiple occasions, and rub shoulders with other hockey fanatics. Previous Prime Ministers have done likewise; Paul Martin attended some NHL games in Montreal, as did Jean Chretien. Stephen Harper attends NHL games from time to time as well.

    That says something is still fundamentally right about our country. Knowing that Prime Minister Harper could sit where he did with his son made me as proud to be a Canadian as the victory over the Swedes.

    Our leaders don’t need to seat behind bullet proof glass in the rafters. To me that’s a very good thing, and I hope it is never ruined by an assassination on a leader of any political stripe, which seems to be the main reason why US Presidents sit aloft, out of reach.

    • Great. So Steve can sit with the rest of us…unless he smells.

      • He and his son did sit with everyone else. You agree this is good, yes?

        • I agree it is a positive that heavy security is not needed for Canadian leaders. I had begun to wonder, given reports of Harper’s unprecedented high costs for personal security. Throughout the election he also seemed to be under heavy security.

          • And there’s the flinty-eyed guy looking over his shoulder.

  31. Speaking of Stephen Taylor’s Kingston roots, I saw him dancing at a bar there once. It was amusing.

    Stephen Taylor: not a dancer.

  32. I seem to remember the Paul Martin Liberals screaming about how Harper was going to americanize Canada. I also seem to remember the Chretien Liberals dismissing the Alliance as a party that was un-Canadian because it got most of its votes in the West.

    I guess it all depends whose ox is gored, but Ignatieff has not lived much of his life in Canada; there is more of a case here than Liberals would like to admit.

    • Not this Liberal. I’ve had grave doubts about Ignatieff’s understanding of Canada ever since he moved back. I questioned his grasp of reality ever since he wrote in support of the Iraq invasion. But while Igatieff’s vision of Canada is rather abstract, Harper’s vision of Canada is alien and his attachment to reality is even more tenuous, so I’ve stopped caring. It basically boils down to who’s less crazy and Harper is positively certifiable.

      • Pop quiz: If at some point (e.g. after a Quebec secession) Canada broke apart, doomed by our federal politicians’ incapacity to rein in rampant regionalism, assisted by the bulk of the public’s penchant for inane parochial rivalries, and the upshot, a few years later, was that some, or most, or maybe even all of Anglo-Canada’s provinces became American states…. Who do you think would be more pleased at this outcome? With whose values and world-view and secret fantasies (or, god ‘elp us, with whose secret agenda) do you think such an outcome would most harmonize? Rank ‘em in order of “most pleased” to “least pleased”: Ignatieff, Harper, Layton, Mulroney. (That’s not my ranking, by the way. That’s a random sequencing of your pop-quiz choices.)

  33. Tell me again why Taylor, the walking typing Conservative talking point, is allowed to blog at Maclean’ This is all the same stupid politics.

    Seriously, when are Conservatives going to give us a policy or governance reason to vote FOR Harper instead of this pap about he’s the greatest Prime Minister in the history of Canada because… he likes hockey?!?!?

    • Don’t forget the blue sweaters.

    • Seriously, when are Conservatives going to give us a policy or governance reason to vote FOR Harper

      Because there aren’t any. Neoliberal policies are inherently unpopular, for reasons that should be abundantly clear by now.

      So we’re going to continue to get this type of fatuous tripe until the establishment media decides to stop.

      • Right, because Harper has been such a staunch, unwavering advocate of neoliberal policies since taking office.

        • My memory of Harper goes considerably further back than yours. What do you think he was doing all that time at the NCC and making Canada-hating speeches to American neoliberal think tankers?

          As for what Harper’s been doing since taking office…as I’ve said: kabuki. Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything meaningful to be gleaned from his tenure so far, except to suggest he really doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

          In case you’re wondering, I didn’t care much for the neoliberalism of the Liberals either, but back in the 90′s, you were a lonely voice if you tried to criticise the received economic wisdom of the time. Anyway, I was in 3rd World, watching IMF-imposed neoliberalism working its magic, up front and personal.

          • It seemed to me that you were saying there is no reason currently to vote for Harper and his neoliberal policies. The problem with that sentiment is that he no longer has any neoliberal policies, even if he was once upon a time a strong advocate. But you’re absolutely right, I doubt many Canadians are much interested in going back to 1995 and voting for Harper.

  34. Is this true? Stephen Harper was in the dressing room distracting the players before games? I’m even more impressed by the ability of Canadian hockey players to overcome adversity and still win.

  35. Tickets to every seat were $90 minimum. That’s $180 every time you and your kid sit up in the bleachers. So our regular guy PM dropped almost a grand – at least – to take his kids out for some hockey.

    But he’s hardly out of touch with the difficult financial times we face.

    • Mike, didn’t you know that all real Canadians make over $75 000 a year? And vote Tory, natch.

    • So what!?

      The PM makes a lot of money compared to the national average, but why shouldn’t he? And which parent out there with money to boot would not drop a grand to take his son or daughter to the WJC when they are right on the doorstep? Heck, a good many Canadians are inclined to drop a grand they don’t have on a big screen TV. At least the PM is investing in his relationship with his son.

  36. Bonjour.

    M. Ignatieff wasn’t the grandson of a tzar. Instead Wikipedia (in French & English) mentions that the new Liberal Leader’s great-grandfather was Count Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev, the Russian Minister of the Interior under Tsar Alexander III.

    Luc in Montréal

  37. Everyone in Ottawa knows that Harper doesn’t like Hockey any more more than Karl Rove believes in god.

    Its the most cynical of political calculations, a way for an otherwise stodgy parliamentarian to connect to a far off middle and lower class Canadian electorate.

    • Sweater vest Stevie? No…………

  38. I thought he was an absolute hit on TSN coast to coast Gold medal night!
    A real sweet guy in a sea of leftwing cynics
    Putting Country…CANADA… before ‘party’ with it’s vast coterie of bloodsuckers and hangers on a-la Adscam, Shawinigate, HRDC, Gun Registry etc etc etc for decades and decades and decades.
    That’s the DIFFERENCE between the Conservatives and the ‘liberal party’…and lets not even begin to talk koalition!
    Love of Country and ALL of its people, not just members of the minority left liberal elitist choir screaming at the top their lungs in a vainglorious attempt to protect their tax payer funded rice bowls, all the while hypocritically wrapping themselves in the Canadian flag…our flag.. and saying they speak for “ALL” Canadians and know what is “best” for all Canadians. (wretch…….)
    Well get use to it …you’re out of power for a reason(s) and Stephen Harper, while not being exactly a media spotlight celebrity darling, is an absolute straight shooter of a guy trying to do his honest best for Canada in a sea of shilling connivers.
    Ordinary Canadians from coast to coast, relate.
    I smell Majority!

    • How can you exhort people to love Canada when you display such utter contempt for so many of your fellow Canadians?

      • Oh you mean like the left liberal elitist minority pffft …see above

        • You’re the elitist. You really do think you’re better than a lot of other people….more genuine, more patriotic…more of a real Canadian.

          • sniff sniff…is that the smell of a shilling conniver?!

        • “Shiling conniver?” Is that the name of some sort of fancy caffeinated beverage?

    • Monty99
      Yr a long way from home. SDA is looking for you. Hope they bring the strait jacket – yr raving man. If you hurry on back they may have some of those little blue pills left. You know, the ones that keep yr head from exploding!

      • I’m right at home….Canada!

        • Canada – isn’t that the whole pt of this little tiff? We’re all Canadians, but apparently not as much as you, because we don’t agree on whether SH is a good PM.

    • I don’t think that’s a majority you smell. You’re waaaaay too close to something else to smell anything… and your supposed to kiss it, not smell it.

  39. Iggy chose to live most of his entire adult life outside of Canada. In his publications he describes himself from the perspective of him being an American.

    The reason for this post?

    Trying to diffuse the obvious fact, that Iggy is about as “un Canadian” as any Canadian politician, let alone prospective leader, in the history of our country,

    by tying an illigitimate reason to the label of un Canadian.

    By way of example, it would be like providing an example of one who chose to not read a story to a child one time, as a mocking example that the person is a child abuser,

    while carefully avoiding the fact that the person has a lengthy record of child abuse convictions.

    Has this site registerd with Libbloggers yet?

    If that

    • kody, it is Stephen Harper who has directly belittled Canada and Canadians: “First, facts about Canada. Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it.”

      Numerous times during that speech Harper made it clear what a low opinion he had of Canadians.

      Harper often manages to give Canadians the impression that he doesn’t much like them. Who gives a fig if Harper likes hockey or not, when he doesn’t seem to like, respect or care about the majority of people he is supposed to serve.

    • Kody – take you unCanadianess and shove it all the way into that space you would otherwise use for a brain. Un… anything is an American concept. We don’t need it north of 49.

      • bio up-dates:Ti-Guy and kc

        Ti-Guy still living in parents basement, vows to be out by age 40.
        Looking for a date, convinced their are still girls with that low of self esteem.
        Anger management contiues to absorb most of his welfare cheque.

        kc at downtown corner with sign reading ” will launch into ad hominid attacks for food”.
        Trying to put a new spin on ” I know your are but, what am I”.
        Shopping for a new pocket protector to carry his retainer in.

        • “Ad hominid” is right, given kc’s half-human targets.

          • jack M
            Silly me, as usual you’re way ahead of me. “Hominid” just about describes hose guys.

        • Have you considered using basic grammar skills when you are writing your cheap attacks?

        • Paul
          As regards attacks onKody – guilty as charged. Take a look at many of Kody’s posts. He continually uses these cheap theatrical attacks, not occasionally but all the time. The worst of it is i don’t think he believes a word of it. As for ad hominid attack, pt out out any i have made on any one else. I just snapped. What’s your excuse.

          • Oh well i did have a go at 99 too. What can i say? I’s the meds.

        • Ti-Guy still living in parents basement, vows to be out by age 40.
          Looking for a date, convinced their are still girls with that low of self esteem.
          Anger management contiues to absorb most of his welfare cheque.

          I am incensed at this brutish assault upon my personal dignity.

          • Your incensed! What about me? At least you’ve got a basement, i’m on the street corner. Notice how we’re both poor? Conservatives are just sooo obvoius.

      • I agree with kc that kody labelling Ignatieff “un-Canadian” is an american not a Canadian concept. Republicans like to label liberal viewpoints and those who hold them as “un-American”.

        Kody and Paul – no comment on Harper’s putdowns of Canadians?

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