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Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communications has a blog devoted exclusively to how the media cover the election. So you vote; politicians try to influence it; journalists cover the politicians; and the Carleton crew blogs about the journalists. Now that‘s meta!!!

But it’s an A-team: Jeff Sallot, late of the Globe; Chris Waddell of long service at the Globe and the CBC; and Paul Adams, who worked for many years at the CBC and the Globe and whose humour we all miss on campaign tours. (Early in the 1997 campaign I watched Jean Chrétien poke his head out of a train car in Montreal for a photo op. “Incredibly, this is the high point of my career,” I said, bored speechless. “I’m not surprised,” Paul replied.)


More more more meta

  1. Completely off topic, but I had to comment on it somewhere on these blogs:
    On page 7 of this week’s magazine, there’s an ad for a “Celebration of 250 years of democracy” happening in Halifax.

    I was struck my the irony that these celebrations, on Oct 2, will be either (a) disrupted because of the english-language leaders’ debate or (b) not affected because people are ignoring same….

  2. The answer is (b).

  3. I don’t think that’s true irony.. more Alanis type irony..

  4. Dontcha think?

  5. I think it’s irony. A celebration of democracy interrupted by democracy in action (election events). Or, it can go ahead because people aren’t attending to actual democracy…

    I mean, it’s not like it’s being disturbed by rain. Or spoons.

  6. “Jacques Corriveau informed Jean Brault that he could intervene directly with the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Corriveau also said he could intervene with and obtain information from [then-bureaucrat] Charles Guité on the status of sponsorship requests,” the search warrant said.

    The document says Mr. Brault added that he first met Mr. Corriveau at a restaurant in Montreal along with two other Liberal supporters, former organizer Alain Renaud and current Liberal MP Denis Coderre.

    Mr. Corriveau frequently asked for money on behalf of the Liberal Party, according to Mr. Brault, the document said.

    “Corriveau told him: ‘It doesn’t go in my pockets, it goes to our cause,’” the document said. Mr. Brault told the RCMP that in order to get the money, Mr. Corriveau submitted “fake invoices … for services not rendered.”

    The search warrant also says there were extensive dealings over the years between Groupaction and Groupe Polygone, a company that received $30-million under the sponsorship program. According to the search warrant, $6.7-million of those funds were given in subcontracts to Mr. Corriveau’s firm. Mr. Corriveau’s house was raided last year by the RCMP’s proceeds-of-crime unit, while Groupe Polygone’s offices were raided in June, 2005, on the same day that owner Luc Lemay was arrested and released.”

    Trials in Sept. should be helpful for the former Unity Minister(1996-2003) with the 3 monkey defence.

  7. Bud response…..you sure have mentioned a lot of Conservative members in the above message trying to discredit the liberals….do conservative crooks like Brault and Guite not count for starting this fiasco.

  8. I may be wrong, but I am thinking that media tries to influence my vote at least as much as any politician does.

    For one thing, some parties get loads of coverage, while other parties in the same situation, get zero coverage. For example, in my riding, the local paper had a profile of the Green candidate, yet there was no mention of the Libertarian party or Christian Heritage candidates.

    Maybe I am just a silly rube from Saskatchewan, but i did not think it was the media’s job to decide who was news and who was not. I thought their job was to present the facts so that i could decide.

  9. The Green’s, in ever sense of the word, are a true fringe party. They do not have broad appeal, they have never elected a single MP. Yet they get just as much ink as the Liberals or NDP, they are treated as a mainstream opposition party. They are invited to the leader’s debates when they have absolutely no legitimate reason to be included.

    What makes the Green’s party mainstream, but at the same time precludes Canadian Action? I must have missed the editorial explaining this. Could you please reprint it for me?

  10. Kasey Jones:

    Tell it to the Judge.

  11. The difference: the Greens got more than a rounding error in terms of voteshare in the last election.

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