Moving past the Indian Act -

Moving past the Indian Act


The Agenda convenes a panel to discuss #IdleNoMore and the Indian Act.


Moving past the Indian Act

  1. Every time I look into this I think the problems surrounding native issues are so broad and vast that the only people with ready answers are the type of right-wingers who always have a ready answer and that answer is “everyone needs to be more right wing”.

    • Like this?

      “Gary S. Becker received the 1992 Nobel Prize in economics … also presented evidence that discrimination is more pervasive in more-regulated, and therefore less-competitive, industries.”
      “While Canada routinely ranks in the top ten of the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) – a quality of life indicator based on income, education and life expectancy applying the same criteria to Canada”s aboriginal population reveals some striking figures. Registered Indians living on reserves are ranked approximately 68th, somewhere between Bosnia and Venezuela, while off-reserve Indians are ranked 36th.”

      Ronald Reagan ~The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’

      • defintely the raegan level stupidity, yup.

  2. Kay wrote an interesting piece about a visit to Attawapiskat.
    If it was a bit longer he could have worked “capitalist” into it a
    few more times … but it was interesting nonetheless.

  3. While I have no sympathy for people who block roads without lawful authority, the basic premise that, at least in moral principle, each one of the First Nations – each of the Indian tribes – that were present in what is now Canada before the white man came, as they were self-governing human communities, should have been recognized as sovereign states in the full meaning of the term, as understood in the Treaty of Westphalia or the U. N. Charter, and aggression against them is inherently wrong is entirely true.

    Fortunately, history does record that some of those tribes were aggressor states, so we won’t have to give all of Canada back. The practicalities can be sorted out later, and the existing injustices may largely continue for a long time – but we should stop lying to ourselves about the existence of some of the injustices.

  4. Western Society only became RICH. As they took and continue to take OUR homelands and resources. Give it back and we will prosper.

  5. The Government of Canada needs Transparency and accountablity of our Trust Fund that it is TRUSTEE over to US. This government and country was and continues to be built on OUR money.

  6. The AFN person does not speak for me on my wants or opinions or thoughts.